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the wheels on the bus go round and round

497338947_640Just a line from a nursery song my 2 year old so often asks me to load on youtube. Take note that unlike most kids, we decided to let her be ipad or tablet illeterate, meaning she can’t do what other kids of the same age can on these high tech gizmos. This post is not about that by the way, i just seem to have LSS of it somewhere at the back of my head and thus i see it fitting to be the title of my post.

What’s with the title? nothing special really, in fact you could take it as it is. Like the wheels on the bus, life seems going round and round. Sometimes it’s ironic to a point. Tides can quickly change and what people hate on the past they will love in the present and hate again in the future. I think it’s a given and obvious but I just felt the need to write about it from my perspective. Fact is, the only constant in this world is change, except maybe for Einsteins speed of light equation lol. Continue reading

Book Review: Swift for the Really impatient

Photo Jan 03, 3 19 31 PM
I was one of the lucky ones who got to read this book early and so I decided to write a review for the benefit of my fellow developers out there, specially those who are trying to shift from web to mobile particulary in iOS development. I am writing this review in a PHP programmers perspective, I am a seasoned web developer but i have zero experience in mobile. With that said, i have already a deep understanding of how programming works and knows the usual syntaxes and workflows.

Ok, so what’s good with this book? as the book title suggests it’s really for those impatient ones who virtually have no time to dedicate in deeper reading or learning the language and wants to learn it on the fly but just needs some base. This book is not for everyone. If you have zero experience in programming and want to learn swift, you will have a hard time understanding the concepts presented in this book. Continue reading