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beginning again

So one afternoon, after a long day at work, alone at home since my wife has gone to the city proper to process some paperworks, glee is with her of course and so i have nothing left to do and thought maybe it’s good to sweat out some of the excessive fats i have. The past week has been nothing but eating some junk foods and fruit shakes since we bought a blender. So it’s like almost every afternoon my wife makes an avocado shake or any fruit she gets her hands on from the nearby market.

So since the makeshift basketball court on the opposite street was already taken down and i can’t go jog and leave the house with no one in there I decided to bring out my old skateboard. It was literally ages since I step foot on it let alone do an ollie, or maybe not, i thought i ride on it very rarely like maybe once in 4 months just to get my feet to feel the board. As you maybe already know i did suffer a break in my fibula and so my right leg is limited for some serious action. I don’t know but this day i felt it’s time for my feet to try doing what i used to do and i loved to do which is skateboarding. I felt maybe because i’m already jogging well like 3 kilometers on mornings and my leg aint hurting anymore afterwards so it’s about time i test it. Continue reading

wow! my blog was hacked :D


the highlighted text are the code they added. although at this time I already commented it out

i don’t know how they were able to change my .htaccess but they did!

well this blog is running under a free host where i don’t spend a single cent so i am in no position to complain.

It’s possible that because this is on a shared server a hacker might have been able to gain access to one of those sites running in this server and was able to find his way through this blog.

anyways, what they did is they wrote a directive on my .htaccess file where it redirects all traffics coming from devices not considered a desktop or laptop! in short all mobile devices and what’s worst is it was some sort of a porn site! wow! we’ll this is what you get if you are a cheapskate like me. i guess i can’t do anything to harden the security of this website, i’ll just hope and pray that they’ll leave this blog alone and at the same time i’ll just have to check this from time to time and see if any quirks are going on.