Monthly Archives: February 2009

Valentines Day is just another day?

Is it for you?

My wild guess is not.

Chances are if you are a male specie, you probably are already sending countless text messages to your prospected date. umm.. well wait.. that is if you dont have any current attachments or lets say still single. But if you already are committed then you probably are already thinking about the romantic places you should be with your love one for the coming night. And add up to it, the precious valentines gift. May it be the a bouquet of flowers, a romantic sounding named cake from red ribbon, or what have you i dont know. Anyways, to sum it all its not just another day of the year for you. You want this date of the year to be memorable and special. and thats how majority of the population think.

or wait… did I hear someone yelling “fuck valentines”. more on that later… Continue reading