Monthly Archives: January 2009


By the looks of it, you seem to think that im writing another movie review. Err! This movies’ best days are now gone. So why the hell will I write something about it. Well maybe since it was memorable since my friends Airon, Domar was watching this film with me at Gaisano Mall. But nah! This post is not about that. I bet you can’t predict whats with the title and the poster unless it will be revealed to you in the succeeding paragraphs. But anyways, its not interesting at all. You might just be disappointed knowing what is this post about. I suggest you close this tab and navigate to your daily porn site routine. Im just kidding man! you know me.

OK. so after that long introduction which if we will sum it up the idea leads to nothing. in short, what a senseless intro have i written. damn!

Anyways, the keys where already pressed so lets just put it that way. And i can’t afford to erase em ya know. Those words came out spontaneously. What can i do. Continue reading