Monthly Archives: June 2008

FireFox 3 is out!


The long awaited firefox 3 is now available for download after a long time undergoing beta and then making it into a release candidate.

By the way, the firefox guys are setting a guiness record for most downloads for a ware in a single day. I've heard they are targeting 5M. But whatever the count is, they will surely make it in the guiness as this is a new category :).

So what are you waiting for? grab a copy now. Download firefox at:


in the four corners

I always have been a home buddy. Just staying in my room and listening to music or reading some magazines or books or doodling anything or just simply staring on a blank space on the wall. It had been always like this before. It was a routine, a very boring routine I admit. But there was nothing I can do back then. I had no internet connection, my 366mhz pc was on our sala and I've got no tv. It simply was that i didn't have any choice but to live like that. Continue reading

looking around

This really is about looking around, and I am not talking about what my eye sees around. I am writing about what is going on around, Perhaps i want to mean our world atleast.

Look back on your years of existence. Try to recall the times in which you can say it was the worst. Look at it not in a self centered way but rather look at it as a whole. Include all the people you know, the news you see and hear on tv and the things you have read. Try to compare it today. Can you feel that the world you are living today seems going to nowhere? I mean check the prices on the stores near you, Im not expert in economics but at least in my understanding the prices are skyrocketing. And you don't need any special education to know that our world is getting worst every time you wake up in the morning. Continue reading