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My.Movie.Review: PS I love You

OK, Another movie review from me. Hopefully this one turns out good. This will just be fast as i think im not in the mood to write and I just did coz i was suppose to write this review last monday but I didn't.

So this movie is obviously a love story(you probably noticed in the title). This is about a widow(Hilary Swank) who had herself fixed with the help of the letters given by her dead husband. Continue reading

My.Movie.Review: Horton Hears a who

Today examining my head for some things to ponder, I bumped up on this idea about movies. Then I realized I am becoming a movie junkie. Im always watching movies every time I have some spare time. So I decided to share this part of my life here in my blog, since if you had notice this blog is about my life, music and of course the web where this one obvioulsy resides.


So to start, I picked the movie I watched recently(just yesterday). The movie is entitled “Horton Hears a who”. Also, i don’t want to put on record where I get my movies since I already have a few hundreds burned in 5s in 4.7g dvds and I don’t want to be labeled anything(say pirate as an example). But just to give you a clue I just visit the site or and downloaded Utorrent so from them you can obviously have a solid guess. And also, I do not watch cams or telesyncs. I prefer DVDRips, specially from aXXo. Take note I didn’t mention I downloaded anything! Continue reading

money, lets see

This is just another crap post that I am certain will lead and express nothing. By now, I am already thinking that the result of this will be just like reading an article on a magazine's back issue when its almost past your bedtime and your eyes are very weary and are very excited to close. Yes guess you are right. Time to press that X mark on your browser and stop reading this sensless post.

Ok so for you who neglected my instruction and continued to read upto here. I kinda pity you for not following my early warning and at the same time kinda wonder why you are interested to read a crap this far. Maybe just another boring day ei? Ok whatever it is, I will have no reason knowing it. Quite obvious. Continue reading

Jieriel Got Kicked :(

Just today, while having a quick glance at our tv screen, I learned that she was evicted. Darn… too bad. She was my bet. I would say that, among all the girls shes the most Filipino looking(pls consider this as a complement!) and the other one of course( the daughter of a prisoner ), I just forgot her name. Continue reading