Monthly Archives: March 2008

Jieriel Papa (pbb teen plus)

This post seem to came from nowhere. Now, do I really watch PBB? I remember I did on its very first season but on the succeeding ones it didnt caught my attention so I ended up not caring about it. But then the latest has come and it once again had me rushing on our tv set when its 12:00nn on studio23, around 5pm and 9pm at abscbn and if I dont have work i would still want to catch up during late nights at 11pm. So whats the big deal about this and Why the hell am I blogging and take note I didnt write any post for more than a month and this post seems to be the icebreaker. Well it is quite obvious what is this post for or for whom as the title should already reveal its content. Yes you are right, its about her, Jieriel Papa.
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