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Canceling Christmas by Michelle Featherstone

I was watching smallville season 7 episode 9 “Gemini” today, just a few hours before this posting,and I noticed this song in a scene where Julian Luthor/Gran Gabriel breaks up(probably it has something to do with him knowing that hes just a clone) with Lois on her own place. The song perfectly fits that particular scene and I was like “WoW, its been a while since I noticed some great sound tracks”. So what I did is i repeated that particular scene and listened to some of the lines of the song and then I googled it. I thought it was a long time famous song that had just not reached(being thousand miles away from US) my ears. Then when i googled some phrases from its lyrics i was quite surprised not seeing relevant results. Thus what I did is guessed for its title and I came up with “Im cancelling christmas this year”(take note of my wrong spelling). Then googled it again, this time i was happy that somebody posted something similar to my query in yahoo answers and I was glad that it was answered and it lead me to Michelle Featherstone's personal site on her news section. This was the actual link i got from the yahoo answers, So I visited the site and browsed the pages so I can have an idea where to hear the full song. Then I figured she has not yet uploaded the song on her site but it was online on her myspace page which is here out thru google). So I was so relieved hearing the full song on her myspace page. It indeed was music to my ears.

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reminiscing my dreads


Jah! Rastafari.

Being a reggae fanatic(just a rastaman wanna be), listening to music in this genre is part of my daily routine. I dont know what it is with reggae but there something about it that my ears always long to hear. It maybe the deepness of its lyrics accompanied with its tune signifying blues rhythm. In short i really like this music. But im no hypocrite music lover, i do listen to boybands and the likes depending on my mood. By the way, Michael Learns to Rock rocks!

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this blog earned $50 (unexpectedly)

After a year of blogging(at least thats what they call it) with no SEOing, few blog mates, no ad targeted posts and the likes, this blog surprisingly earned $50. I know its just a small amount compared to what the other guys earn on blogging, but the thing is I never envisioned this blog to earn even a cent. I didnt even bother to put any pay per click advertisements. This happening is really unexpected though I would say it really is not impossible. I'm just glad someone noticed and even paid for a spot in my posts.

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2008, and whats it gonna be?

Supposedly this post should be titled “2007, a lookback”. But what the heck. this is a wordpress blog. I have written down the significant events in my life here that I feel a little worthy of sharing(Though I dont really post the saddest moments in my life).

So how should I start? Plans? Worries? I think not…

As of this moment I feel like singing “Three Little Birds” by the legend. Bob Marley.
“Singin: dont worry bout a thing,
cause every little thing gonna be all right”

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