Monthly Archives: September 2007

happy scriptlance day to me

sept. 16 2006, scriptlance date( canada ). This is the day when andhotbot signed up for a scriptlance account. back then it was zero reviews and still got nothin into my name. This is the start of my freelancing career( if you can call it one ). A year after (w/c should be today), I got a total of 129 great reviews, ranked 40 out of 2669 active Programmers ( not bad for a 22 year old, who is still taking up BSIT ) and earned a lil over than $XX,xxx.xx ( well this part is a joke! ).

Here is the screencap:


Today im feeling the need to celebrate. just like preparin the not-so-common dishes in our table (well i'm eating canned sardines at a daily basis, so now everything is uncommon, joke!). The main purpose is just to give thanks to the Great Good Lord for a great 1st year at scriptlance. Hope i can grab more projects in my second year and may he give me energy, skills and intellect to do em all. And of course, a continuous stream of life.