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Well, im sure you guys knew all about this. Unless your not a Filipino. But if you do understand it already, you might not as well get the real meaning of this. Unless you are from Usep and unless you are from ic and unless you are amongst our cool yet “badlongon-daw” na batch. We are supposedly to be the usep-ic batch '06. But most of us didnt reach it on stage, im talking about graduation. Well some of us felt sad about this, while others(like me), just walked away and laughed about it. Well that was because i didnt care about my future at all, with my poverty stricken look and low-lifestyle approach, i mean i can live a real poor life. Back then at college when i always get drunk, i felt my future seems to be getting darker and darker each day because of poverty and so just end up finishing the day being drunk to forget all about reality. Lolz. sounding dramatic here.

Hey, lets get back to the real topic, i am suppose to be talkin about the kalabasa guys and gals here. Kalabasa is a google group set up by Patrick Cereno(n supposed to be enye but i forgot the alt key), with the purpose of having communication with each and everyone of the kalabasa guys. Some of the members got works now and work that isnt located at a nearby spot, so setting up an online group would be a great idea as internet access today seems to be very accessible(open na gud ang NODAL, ahihihi).

Personally, i really like the idea of having a group setup for college peers, as friends are really worth to treasure(whoaa, how many friends did i have?!?). I really like these guys at the group, they are active and never fails to give a comment worth to laugh about. Well today, a good laugh is as expensive as full body massage if you know what i mean. Lolz.

This is it for now, i need to rest my eyes after 16 hours of work and staying in front of a computer. maybe a 30 min. break will do. Lolz. Good luck to kalabasa, and good luck to each and everyone of us.


i miss my board

Each night, when im ready to sleep(you can call it a quick nap, coz i sleep only 3-4 hours a day), i always notice my skateboard under my bed. He seems to be lonely and looks like he wants to tell me that he wants to go out again and hit the streets. But too bad, i cant do it for now. I got really tight schedule with my job. I seem to be workaholic nowadays, working for almost 17 hours a day. Anyways, thats the reason why i dont have time to spend with my skateboard.

When i was a lil younger(well im still young this day at 21), I had a lot of adventures with my skateboard. We are good buddies, we play wherever we want. I remember those long nights where we skate till 1 am and just stop when it felt like there was no sign of energy left in your legs. Those nights were really happy, happier than the moments i get drunk!

I can still remember those moments wherein i ollied stairs(though not that high), gaps, obstacles and then do tricks with them. My kickflips, heelflips, shove-its, shoveit flip and a few more. The rail grinds like 50-50s and 50-50s and 50-50s and 50-50s. LOL, coz thats the sole trick i can land in a round rail, but i can do some other few stuffs on a flat bar or on a ledge/box like noseslide, 5-0 and nothin more i guess. Well i guess i havent got so many tricks like some skateboarders do but what im after for is fun. What are those tricks for if your not satisfied and not contented and not feeling happy about what u do.

Well, i hope one of these days we can hit the streets again. But i wonder if i can still do a low level ollie, i guess not coz right now i have gain more wait and counting. lol. well this might be a good excercise too, skateboarding. You should try it too guys.


My New Blog

What about this new BLog? anything interesting? well, i guess not. I just wanna join out the world of bloggers. Hmmm.. i may seem like a writer, but I guess im not, i might just be writing some crap about myself. Well who cares, i got this blog, my blog, something I call my own. Anyways, im happy today that finally, i can write and express myself.

Also before I forgot, i would like to thank Mr. Alisher for setting up a host and the domain for this site. Thanx, Thanks. FYI, Mr. Alisher is a great webmaster and is very experieced on everything under internet. He owns a web developent firm.