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The Scriptlance Top Programmers

oh wait, before you accused me being too proud. think again! ayt?

This post is just my tribute to all the top men and women working hard at scriptlance. It just so happens that I was one of them. And I myself am very proud to be one of them, and mind you, its not like lifting my own seat, I mean scriptlance is(in a heartbeat) in the top 5 freelancing websites around the world according to most IT experts. So its really an honor for me to be atleast a member in this great community.

So before anything else, i would like to thank Mr. Rene Trescases the CEO of scriptlance and to all his staff, without your hardwork scriptlance will never be what it is now. Continue reading

FireFox 3 is out!


The long awaited firefox 3 is now available for download after a long time undergoing beta and then making it into a release candidate.

By the way, the firefox guys are setting a guiness record for most downloads for a ware in a single day. I've heard they are targeting 5M. But whatever the count is, they will surely make it in the guiness as this is a new category :).

So what are you waiting for? grab a copy now. Download firefox at:


this blog earned $50 (unexpectedly)

After a year of blogging(at least thats what they call it) with no SEOing, few blog mates, no ad targeted posts and the likes, this blog surprisingly earned $50. I know its just a small amount compared to what the other guys earn on blogging, but the thing is I never envisioned this blog to earn even a cent. I didnt even bother to put any pay per click advertisements. This happening is really unexpected though I would say it really is not impossible. I'm just glad someone noticed and even paid for a spot in my posts.

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a helpful Yahoo IM Bug

Being online most of the time everyday, I never fail to login in my yahoo IM. It is like having your cellphone always turned on waiting for some good news. Thus this IM. I should say is part of my day to day life.

Though I find this IM almost perfect it still has minor glitches, most of which I think was fixed everytime they upgrade it to a higher version. Currently I am using Yahoo . Some of the bugs I could remember was you will appear offline to your friends though you have set your status to available. This brought me real problem at work before since my employer would think that I am not working since I am offline in yahoo. Another is that when you are hiding( setting status to invisible ) because you do not want to talk or is very busy at that point in time. The bug occurs when you will experience a fluctuation of your connection. When the messengers tries to login again ( which it does by default ) automatically you will lose your invisible status and thus your cloaking purpose will be vague at this point in time. You cant just turn invi again on your contacts or that will be a questionable move. Though currently, i do think these bugs are all fixed in version 8 and above.

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my blog was noticed. :-)

I logged in today and I noticed a post which says what other blogs are saying about scriptlance linking into my blogsite. Then I checked it out. Here is the link. I was glad when I read that my blog was included in the post. At last someone other than me( and the spammers ) had managed to find my blog. Just Sharing.


happy scriptlance day to me

sept. 16 2006, scriptlance date( canada ). This is the day when andhotbot signed up for a scriptlance account. back then it was zero reviews and still got nothin into my name. This is the start of my freelancing career( if you can call it one ). A year after (w/c should be today), I got a total of 129 great reviews, ranked 40 out of 2669 active Programmers ( not bad for a 22 year old, who is still taking up BSIT ) and earned a lil over than $XX,xxx.xx ( well this part is a joke! ).

Here is the screencap:


Today im feeling the need to celebrate. just like preparin the not-so-common dishes in our table (well i'm eating canned sardines at a daily basis, so now everything is uncommon, joke!). The main purpose is just to give thanks to the Great Good Lord for a great 1st year at scriptlance. Hope i can grab more projects in my second year and may he give me energy, skills and intellect to do em all. And of course, a continuous stream of life.

100 reviews


I am happy today as I got my 100th review in scriptlance. I got it in less than a year of hunting projects. I am so thankful to the webmasters who left nice reviews for me and also for entrusting their projects into my hands. Thanx guys.

This is the product of some sleepless nights and times where I am multitasking from one project to another. Dedicating enough time so I can beat the deadline.

Thanks also to the scriptlance guys. To Rene the CEO, your site rocks man!!!. It is a lot helpful to the IT world. To the helpdesk staffs, Sanjay and Jamsey, thanx for the fast reply on some problems. And to all manpower of SL, special thanx also to the guys who processes my checks. LOL.

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freelance career

I am recording today an observation regarding my freelancing career. Well i started not really as a freelancer but a trainee employee at cerveo doing programming for joomla websites. This is where I was oriented about the web. I get to learn there some of the basics and the cores of joomla development. I experienced developing website single-handedly. I also experienced debugging, customizing and adding features to joomla websites. Our employer, Sir Dennis which probably is the best programmer i met so far, aides and guides us on our development. It was not spoon feeding type yet it helped me develop working independently. Now i can say i am more effective working alone rather than working with someone else, I am a poor team player. Yet I hope to develop teaming up more and probably get used to it.

I tried freelancing few months after i had a hold of the php language. I can still remember my first paid task was from scriptlance, of the old username i use freakismarco, it was a forum, Well I earned about $80. the job was to add a download limiter per member. well it wasnt that easy but i managed to finish it in one night. Then after 2 days I receive the first payment thru westernunion. cool huh. This was the start of my freelancing career.

While I was doing freelance, I am also working at thru cerveo company. I managed my time and do freelance after my schedule which was 11pm-8am Philippine Time. At daksol i met more programmers, i can say they are technically better than me. 🙁 Anyways, at this moment. My freelancing career is going great. I had won some bids and so my reviews are getting better and better. BTW, at this point im #93 at scriptlance, its a new id since i abandoned my old account for some reasons. Believe it or not. but I reached #15 at scriptlance one time. It was quite an achievement to me.

Recently, I am employed under a fast-growing web development firm, under the management of Sir Ali, probably the best manager/webmaster i had worked with. Here my job is mostly on php_fox customizations and some php websites. At this point in time, I am commited on the firm's projects and so I cant put more time on doing freelance jobs, though sometimes during relax moments, I sneak some time to bag some exciting projects at scriptlance.

I wanna thank all the webmasters who believed in me, especially the ones who gave really nice feedbacks. hehehe. I wanna thank everyone who in any ways contributed on the wellness of my freelancing career. I wanna thank my mentors at USEP for the basics of programming. I wanna thank my employers for believing in me.


Bible Quotes Script

This script can display a customizable bible quote on your webpage. All you have to do is copy this script in the textbox below and paste on any spot on your webpage that you want it to appear. you can write your custom theme for it using CSS.
Here are the css classes it uses:

  • quote block – bQuote
  • book name – bBook
  • chapter – bChapter
  • verse – bVerse
  • passage – bPassage

Copy and paste this code below:

You should see something like this in your webpage (minus the bgcolor and border)

You can use Google gadgets that work same like the above Bible script and are really easy to embed in to your webpage. These gadgets are easy to download just as you do a skype download. Though the internet phones service providers have made the voip software downloading easier then ever by taking in to account the emerging need of voip calling for web business. Internet voip calls are cheaper than all other available options.