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movies, i just love all sorts of em’

yes truly… even before when i don’t have any privilege watching movies i can say that im already interested viewing them. I was really interested watching the teasers on tv and then unlimited scenarios about the film comes to my mind. May it be action, drama, love story(save horror) all of them drew interest on my mind. I always thought every movie being hyped on television are that great. So with all of you right? i would say almost all of you would love to watch movie everyday IF, and a very big IF you have a chance to watch em. This hobby is not really for someone whose lives a very fast paced lifestyle. You have to at least waste 2 hours of your life watching a movie which you are quite not sure if you will really live to like it or regret it. But what can we do, that’s just how it goes.

So anyways, i was just sharing or simply posting an entry to my blog and will involve a little bit bragging about my movie collection. Now you get the idea about why I am writing this. hehe. Continue reading

A Serious Challenge in faith

richard dawkinschristBrian Flemming

While googling some documentaries by discovery channel I stumbled upon a site which compiles videos on different kind of documentaries. They show free documentaries of on different categories for free. I watched the Lost Pyramids of Caral and Unconvering Atlantis docu’s which were both very informative and revealing. It honestly made me wanna go back to school and study archeology quite a bit. That 2 hours of viewing was a really great experience.

After finishing the two films, It made me quench form more. I tried clicking on other categories to search for some interesting topics to watch. Then a title caught my attention. It was under the religion section. It was titled “The God Delusional”. A 2 part series that has a play time of approximately 2 hours and so I decided to check on it knowing it will be a good past time and I’m really interested on the scientific view about God. I watched this film setting aside my bias about my faith and so my mindset was neutral( I honestly don’t know how neutral considering I have a strong faith ). I tried to view each revelation on this film as objective as possible. I tried to understand the message that they are trying to give out as unbiased as I could. I honestly would say this film brought shivers to my spine. The guys on this film are so damn good about what they are doing that whatever arguments you can think of to counter their statements would just appear dumb and plain stupid. Continue reading

Another Music Video (amv)

Hi guys, its been quite a while since i have last update my blog. I had very busy days this past weeks and so I havent find any time to post here.

Anyways, this post is nothing except to publish another music video that I created. Video Editing is beginning to become a hobby of mine and I wont be surprised if I end up editing lots of videos because it really is fun. Although its time consuming but the end results will pay off. Now i think im improving, though i think i need to read the basics of directing and filming. But nah, i dont know.

So ok, here is the video. “Love Story for you” By: Marciano and the Missing Enalah

ABS-CBN’s Cinderella (tagalog version)

At long last, Cinderella is back.

This is one of my all-time favorites together with Snow-White, Julio at Julia and the likes. The cartoons i used to watch when i was growing up. Thanks abs-cbn for airing this back. And oh please air “snow white” after this season ends else i might resort again to spamming your site’s online request form (i’m quite good at that) to plead for this show. Oops did I just say that. Anyway i know no one would believe me because i dont know how to program bots. hehehe. Continue reading

Jieriel Got Kicked :(

Just today, while having a quick glance at our tv screen, I learned that she was evicted. Darn… too bad. She was my bet. I would say that, among all the girls shes the most Filipino looking(pls consider this as a complement!) and the other one of course( the daughter of a prisoner ), I just forgot her name. Continue reading

Jieriel Papa (pbb teen plus)

This post seem to came from nowhere. Now, do I really watch PBB? I remember I did on its very first season but on the succeeding ones it didnt caught my attention so I ended up not caring about it. But then the latest has come and it once again had me rushing on our tv set when its 12:00nn on studio23, around 5pm and 9pm at abscbn and if I dont have work i would still want to catch up during late nights at 11pm. So whats the big deal about this and Why the hell am I blogging and take note I didnt write any post for more than a month and this post seems to be the icebreaker. Well it is quite obvious what is this post for or for whom as the title should already reveal its content. Yes you are right, its about her, Jieriel Papa.
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