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Life – FB = refreshed

15 days ago, for some odd reasons, partly maybe because of my grief to my dog who just died at that time, I decided to do the unthinkable. *SOUND INTRO* *TADA*  … I blocked facebook in my desktop! yes really, sounds crazy or dramatic or call it what you may but yes i blocked facebook! Some will maybe raise an eyebrow and will say that i can’t sustain this craziness and maybe one day i will login and post a stupid status updated. They maybe right but then again they maybe wrong too. Nobody knows what the future holds and that is a fact but what’s real at the moment though is that you can’t login to facebook using my desktop. You can login using you cellphones or laptops because i did not block it in my router so in essence if i wanted to i can still login to facebook. I just needed to do this first step to unshackle my life from what seems to be over information brought about reading anything and everything on facebook. Before anything else you might want to look at the screenshot of how my monitor looks like when you are trying to access facebook.

Screenshot from 2013-10-30 05:48:01 Continue reading

How’s my new year? seriously

Well seriously? ok, can’t remember when i am not. Ok so my new year went something like this… wait, wait, hold up. Shouldn’t I start by stating what happened in my life in 2012? I insist. Can’t do anything about it this is my space. Ok, so just a quick run down of what I did or what happened in 2012 as far as My limited memory is concerned. My then girlfriend now my wife Guia and me went to boracay then camiguin then in Palawan. I am not really sure about that though as currently im really sleepy coz it’s like 1am here, why am i still up late? Details later. Ok so in short we travelled well in 2012. In terms of health, i’ve had more trips to the doctor in 2012 compared to the preceeding years, maybe it’s understandable as I am getting older and my body kinda worn out by nature. I am not really sure, just a guess. We’ll that’s one of the not-goods in 2012 but im hoping i’ll be so much healthier this 2013 specially that I’m kinda working out my body now. ok so what else, ahh the most significant one, God gave us a child. A gift of life. Baby glee was born on Dec. 6. yes. Another thing is I got hitched. Meaning game over for me. I am married legally on the date of my wife’s birthday. July 25. Another is I gave something significant to my mama and papa, I had them built a small boarding house with 6 beds so they can have a sustainable source of income, though not that big but if handled properly i can see it generating around P10k a month. I think those are the really significant ones. There are some else like this blog is setup in 2012, pacman was KOd in 2012, got a heartbreaking loss on my nba team the boston celtics. Career wise? I can say not really a good year for me, i can do better I know with God’s help and grace but along the way something went wrong, My long time employer kinda like went shaky towards the later part of the year. I dont know if I contributed to the companies demise but I did my part to help maybe I’ve made my shares of mistakes too. On my spiritual life, My wife and I joined Couples for Christ where at first I was just forced in to it but later on it seems God worked or wanted me to join there with the group of people who openly profess their faith, which myself I do not do. I mean i am a bible reader and a FIRM believer in the powers of God. I love to pray but my worship skills seems kind lacking. Singing praises to God is fun. Praying together is great. Joining CFC was an eye opener for me plus you get to meet people from different walks of life and they have their own share of stories. I liked the open forum part. I never ever did something like that before and that new experience was really an awesome one for me. So I think that sums up my 2012 if every I’ll remember something worth adding here no worries I’ll just add a separte blog post about it and probably come up with a title like “Why did i forget that I did this in 2012”. So yeah that’s about it. Continue reading

ningas kugon!

see, just as i expected, i only good at starting something. lol. but i am trying hard to change that.

how long since i last visited this blog, this blog haven’t even crossed my mind lately. but i admit yeah i’ve been ultra busy. i really mean it. yeah life is kinda complicated when you work at home and as a web developer, i mean c’mon all temptations are on the web and mixed that with liberty, i mean no boss around monitoring your every move then that could really spell disaster or lack of time management. yeah I admit, i have more time than most people but hey i’m not really good at managing it. but I am really trying hard to change that. but where do I start. i think i’ll start tomorrow, yeah tomorrow, i need to change my motto. something to the effect that states no time should be wasted. something like that. you got the idea. Continue reading

fast yet long day

whew! yup. steve job died. i blogged about it already this morning ayt.

ok so whew. im kinda' happy now. i finished Matt's task. yeah, i sliced that PSD to joomla successfully. quite challenging since the native joomla menu was converted to accordion plus there is a jquery cycle for the frontpage banner. It was a little tough for me coz' im not really that adept into joomla development but now i am quickly harnessing the power of joomla. I believe i could be a joomla expert in like 2-3 more good joomla projects. lol. yeah i am confident. i know me. though sometimes when it's really tough i really feel the pressure, the stress, yeah my heart is like pounding and when i take a breather like smoke quick i feel some li'l pain in my chest like its quite difficult to breathe. i don't know if it's because of my occassional smoking though or if it's because my body doesnt like the pressure anymore. Continue reading

RIP Steve Apple

OK. so woke up. Got a message from guia and that she woke up early and cant sleep and is trying to sleep. But received that some 1 hour later so i figured she slept already. Sent a reply and told her i love her and miss her. yeah we do that often and you have no idea. 🙂

So then logged in on gmail and saw some notifications from facebook that steve jobs yes mr. apple died. The genius. Arguably the most influential computer tech innovator of our time or perhaps of all time. That news didn't kinda shocked me considering i know the state of his health and what he's gone thru having that sick pancreatic thing going on and his being a fruitarian and recent resignation from apple as CEO. So it was all like expected but really his death made me feel like buying a macbook? like a sympathy to apple and steve. I mean this guy is the father of personal computer (yes! not bill gates). I might just buy a macbook one of these days just to show my respect and perhaps get a little taste of what i foresee as the last sensible and quality apple products that there will ever be. Continue reading

g'm0rning sunshine

owdy. yeah it's good to wake up once again. Thank God you are still breathing and that a day was again added to your life.

Ok, so ahh. i texted Guia saying good morning and i thought she was still asleep at that moment and i was right. I got her message on facebook later this morning and she doesn't feel well but i hope she does coz we are gonna be preparing for our manila trip. yeah. Continue reading

another stuff for this day

Hi there. so umm. yeah get used to my umms and uhh. coz i like to to add that to make my posts longer. kidding. So yeah, today was quite a long day but i accomplished a lot. finished some side projects with a long time client back in 2009 and i am not sure if he will pay me or if we are in good terms in the past but i figured i'll just do it coz it was quite doable. so yeap i did it in like 2 hours? but yeah a painful 2 hours. ok on my regular job, finished a revamp of a template not really major but umm it's complex in nature so much patching going on. also fixed some loose ends on a project that i worked which was transferred to a new server and now everything is running. I feel good knowing i cleaned up all of my task queue and hopefully tomorrow i'll feel more energetic to face new challenge at work. Continue reading