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cool stuffs about my friends

Don’t mind how i constructed that title its just how the scene releases for torrents are formatted and it quite affected my outlook towards arranging group of words.

And oh, the word greet. Its nothing, ahh… butt ahh.. umm.. yeah oh i remembered. tomorrow is the day. Yes tomorrow is my birth*UC*KINGday. and guess what? nahh.. theres nothing for you to guess. same fucking crap. Birthday is just a mark on a calendar year to remind you that your days are almost over. Oh gosh, i hope i am not writing my own premonition or else i could easily appear on TV as the man having predicted his destiny. Continue reading

Sandi’s Graduation Bash ‘09

first of all i want to congratulate my friend Sandi for finally making it to the finish line. “Human najud sho!” As we always say it. :) .

I sometimes kinda wished that i could graduate someday too but It seems its too elusive for me. Well there is work, there is the boredom of listening again to professors, you name it i just have many, many reasons not to finish college. :( But anyways, this post not about the graduation but its about what happened after the graduation. Yeah you heard it right, just moments after sandi sang their graduation song… Continue reading

Wishes… just wish me luck…

Everyone has wishes, though some wont admit but I can say that subconsciously they have certain wishes. Certain small cravings or desires would already fall on the wishes category. On this point, i am not an exception. So yes, I do have some wishes. Afterall, wishes comes free. So we can wish all we want though at some point all are just as good as wishful thinking.

So heres my wishes, So Mr. Santa if you are reading my blog can you please grant em. Continue reading

my christmas saga (not interesting)

blog1.pngok so this is some sort of tale of how marco’s chrsitsmas was. i shall say it was eventful and at the same time very revealing. And oh, please take note im not sober while im writing this, but dont get me wrong its not the power of the alcohol that pushed me to write this stuff, Its just that theres something in my heart aching to write this historic(for me only) event.

so now, HOw the fuck did this all start. ok it started mid morning when i messaged a friend named francis in IM and I commented about his status which read “shit!!!!!!!!!!!” . I said, why in the world are you cussing very early in the morning? and he was like “its a shitty christmas today bro”. then i fuckin understand his sentiments. Especially when he bit on my joke about drinking. he was like “sure bro, after my duty”. Me thinking that’ll be all cool atleast i give homage to a friend who needs someone this christmas time. So hours past and boom! (it became koko crunch) it was already 2pm(our agreed meeting time) but rained poured heavily, as if the heavens is forbidding me to go out. Luckily, it subside after an hour, so I continued my journey to their place and we met and we drink some beer on a store on the next street and we were a little tipsy. Continue reading


this song was written by a good friend morn.

he said he dedicated this to a girl who caught his eyes and unfortunately she is nowhere to be found. how sad. 🙁

we’ve decided to shoot a music video for it and I directed/edited it. The plan was good but it turned out we don’t have much time and so the latter part where stuffed with unrelated clips.

i’ve also included some of our skateboard clips with me and dave skating after 3 years of not riding a board. Gladly i can still do some 5050s. lol.

so here it is and check it out. and oh please dont hesitate to leave your negative comments.

negative comments usually are truthful than the positive ones. lol


movement of the people? yeah. you got it right. You must’ve heard this from one of the more mainstream Bob Marley song. It goes something like this “2, 3, 4: Exodus: movement of Jah people! Oh, yeah!“. Or if your deep into the bible you will conclude this is about the book of exodus which contains the story of moses flight from egypt. But in the case of this post, the thought of the preceding paragraphs is not related.

Now what is this crap about? Nothing.

is this interesting? No.

Why did I write this? I don’t know. Continue reading

cools on parade

i think I got it wrong… isn’t it bulls on parade? yeah right.

yeah probably coz I listened to zack kabarotsa. huh?! isn’t it Zach de la Rocha. Yikes! im strike two. but damn it. this time im sure i’m not going to make a mstake. Because im a reggaeist (did I just invent this word?!) , im sure I know the history of Bob Marley and his life. Do you want to know what i know about this reggae legend? I have read somewhere that Bob Marley and Che Guevarra are in the same band? yes, yes. I know I am right. Why don’t you believe? hahaha! Now, can’t you see that im cool. Lol. Lol. Lol. Rofl. Im the coolest of em all. Continue reading

The Scriptlance Top Programmers

oh wait, before you accused me being too proud. think again! ayt?

This post is just my tribute to all the top men and women working hard at scriptlance. It just so happens that I was one of them. And I myself am very proud to be one of them, and mind you, its not like lifting my own seat, I mean scriptlance is(in a heartbeat) in the top 5 freelancing websites around the world according to most IT experts. So its really an honor for me to be atleast a member in this great community.

So before anything else, i would like to thank Mr. Rene Trescases the CEO of scriptlance and to all his staff, without your hardwork scriptlance will never be what it is now. Continue reading