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my christmas saga (not interesting)

blog1.pngok so this is some sort of tale of how marco’s chrsitsmas was. i shall say it was eventful and at the same time very revealing. And oh, please take note im not sober while im writing this, but dont get me wrong its not the power of the alcohol that pushed me to write this stuff, Its just that theres something in my heart aching to write this historic(for me only) event.

so now, HOw the fuck did this all start. ok it started mid morning when i messaged a friend named francis in IM and I commented about his status which read “shit!!!!!!!!!!!” . I said, why in the world are you cussing very early in the morning? and he was like “its a shitty christmas today bro”. then i fuckin understand his sentiments. Especially when he bit on my joke about drinking. he was like “sure bro, after my duty”. Me thinking that’ll be all cool atleast i give homage to a friend who needs someone this christmas time. So hours past and boom! (it became koko crunch) it was already 2pm(our agreed meeting time) but rained poured heavily, as if the heavens is forbidding me to go out. Luckily, it subside after an hour, so I continued my journey to their place and we met and we drink some beer on a store on the next street and we were a little tipsy. Continue reading

A Serious Challenge in faith

richard dawkinschristBrian Flemming

While googling some documentaries by discovery channel I stumbled upon a site which compiles videos on different kind of documentaries. They show free documentaries of on different categories for free. I watched the Lost Pyramids of Caral and Unconvering Atlantis docu’s which were both very informative and revealing. It honestly made me wanna go back to school and study archeology quite a bit. That 2 hours of viewing was a really great experience.

After finishing the two films, It made me quench form more. I tried clicking on other categories to search for some interesting topics to watch. Then a title caught my attention. It was under the religion section. It was titled “The God Delusional”. A 2 part series that has a play time of approximately 2 hours and so I decided to check on it knowing it will be a good past time and I’m really interested on the scientific view about God. I watched this film setting aside my bias about my faith and so my mindset was neutral( I honestly don’t know how neutral considering I have a strong faith ). I tried to view each revelation on this film as objective as possible. I tried to understand the message that they are trying to give out as unbiased as I could. I honestly would say this film brought shivers to my spine. The guys on this film are so damn good about what they are doing that whatever arguments you can think of to counter their statements would just appear dumb and plain stupid. Continue reading