this blog’s 1st sunshine.

Good morning there! howdy! this one should just be quick as i have some PSDs to slice and get the ball rolling and hopefully finish this template or else our pm or the CEO would get rowdy. and oh did i mention that i work as a web developer? haha. of course you knew. lol. anyways so i got a good sleep. woke up on time. slept kinda late last night coz i watched some good 2 episodes of fringe. and it was the season ender for season1 and so it was interesting as hell and it made me watch two extra seasons for season2. well nothing gets more interesting than a season ender and the next season’s opener right? so yeah. all cool. i guess i need to work now, i’m gonna write some message to guia first and see how she’s doing over there and boom me needs to work my ass already. ok bye for now. 🙂

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