What’s wrong with Miami’s back to back nba championship?

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well atleast it's wrong in my opinion.

Ok, call me a hater now if you please because i know that vile in you is readily spewing to anyone who is logical enough or atleast is rational enough to not go by your pretentious cheer for this super team.

Now, set aside our emotions and let's put out our thinking hat. We surely agree that lebron is the greatest basketball player today, talentwise, sizewise no one can stop him. The only one can stop him is himself. He has, i'm not sure if you quite agree, a heart not well brought up to pump hard on the crucial moments of the game. The times when he needs to take charge and take over of the game, he chokes. I am sure deepdown inside him he knows this, and this is the very reason why he assembled this super team. Dwayne wade is always on the nba all team picks, bosh too and as if that's not enough he recruited Ray Allen. Ok you might say that i'm just jealous my team got weaklings but wrong, that's not the point.

So what's my point? First you must know this. I am a big lebron james fan the moment he entered the NBA and was the would be saviour of  a small market team cleveland cavaliers. He made a big impact there, he carried the team on his back and he was quite successful at it. They had the best record in the league and on his third year, they reached the NBA finals. Now that is amazing from whichever standpoint you look at it. Was I a butt-hurt cleveland fan? of course not. I was a fan of the Man and his skills. I know lebron could make the cavs nba champions one day had he not opted to join forces with the other NBA elites. I was hoping lebron could develop into a Jordan type or atleast a kobe type(except for ballhogging) of a player. The clutch shots, the fighting heart and the ability to make the crucial plays. Sadly I can't witness it anymore and neither can't you. Lebron's championships would always be remembered as the big 3 era, not the lebron james era. we'll atleast not now, maybe if dwade or cbosh would dramatically diminish as a player and it will be all on lebron's hand then Maybe i will start cheering for the Man again. So this is my first point. I want the man i'm cheering for win a championship because he willed it. Ok you might be saying that lebron james had done enough on the past 3 years, I say you haven't seen how MJ or kobe carried their Cialis teams to back to back wins. watch more basketball and analyze it.

Ok next point. I don't like how lebron bullied himself into the championship. I am likening this move by lebron back to gradeschool or highschool days. Remember that guy when you play like 3 on 3 or 5 on 5, he wants all the good players on his side even though he himself is already good. Of course since this guy is respected, this other guys would follow him now leaving this other team having virtually no chance. Now where is the fair play here? This is a game shouldn't this be played fair? Now back to the NBA, since lebron and his team showed that this is the way to get championships many big market teams and players are following this move. Now you have the lakers Dhoward joining Kobe and Pau, that's still a super team but not as great as lebron's team plus they are old with the exception of Dhoward. If this trend continues, the fanbase of nba will dwindle and dwindle and dwindle. Imagine having blowout games on a nightly basis, imagine this super team wins 50 straight. imagine the super team making it 7 straight championships and without opposition specially coz the other teams have virtually no salary cap to acquire such high profile players. There will be a point in time where we can no longer watch thrilling games and rivalry games.

This for me is what's wrong with Heat winning.

If they had lost, then that trend of joining forces with elites will be slowed down and instead teams will follow san antonio's way of developing team. Like developing good players, strategic coaching, scouting and all what was the norm on a fair game.

Another bad thing, not necessarily bad but rather annoying thing is this bandwagon fans wacho i think might not have even known who tim hardaway or alonzo mourning is. This fans only cheered for the heat when lebron and dwade and bosh was already there. They love to cheer for sure winners so they can brag and gloat and what have you. And worst they act like they haven't met highschool in their entire life. If you are against the heat they will label you hater.  If you are not a fan of lebrons antics you are a hater. Anyways i take no offense if you call me one because that's on you and that's your problem but if you can act your age and perhaps apply a little bit of common sense then it would be better.

Anyways, the heat already Won and it's a season they should've otherwise, who else does lebron need for their team to be unbeatable right?


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