my baby’s small hands and feet, immortalized


Last January, my wife saw a post in instagram showing what seems to be blocks of cements formed into cute little hands and feet. Kind of like the statues at the park only these are more realistic and more detailed. And what's great is that they look personalized rather than generic moldings that looks like no ones body part.

She was curious about how's it done and who's doing it and what's it for. She learned that those hands and feet are actually molded on the actual hands and feet of the instragram user's baby. It made her more interested and kind of gave her an idea that she wanted it for our baby glee. On facebook, she remembered one time seeing a post kind of related to it. She searched for this friend and this particular post and bingo that post was exactly about it. She learned it was called “lifecasting”, how that word came to fruition i have no idea, but that's what it is called. I'm quite confused about that term at first really because being a netizen, lifecasting has its different meaning. The lifecasting I know is like you are broadcasting your every move on your personal blog with real time videos or clips. Anyways enough of that, for the sake of this post let's refer to lifecasting as the act of making these molds.

My wife's next move was to read up on the link about lifecasting she found on facebook. They have a rather organized and informative facebook page and an equally useful personal website. There she learned about how's it done, who's doing it the pricing and the packages and of course how to get in touch with the people behind it. Learning many things about lifecasting made her more eager and seemingly decided that it's a must have thing for our baby.

So my wife opened this topic up with me and kind of sweet talked me into doing it. At first she explained to me it's value and what it means for our baby in the future. I was like cool with it and i said it's a great idea. So i asked her who's gonna do it and for how much. She answered there's someone here from davao doing it and then she said it was quite pricey. I was like wow, i think that's something not in our priority specially currently we are on the process of completing our house and we know our expenses are at an all time high. So we kinda got into a serious discussion and y'all know how that ends. My wife always win atleast that's what I know.

eventually after spending some time thinking about it, I kind of realize that it was something our baby would very much appreciate in the future. and it's not only for glee, it's for everyone, it's for us parents, our friends and just about everyone who knows our baby to get reminded how cute glee's tiny hands once was specially after time will transform them into, God forbid, gargantuan looking boxer's hands. I'm just joking, our glee will have cute and sexy grown up hands because mom and dads have kind of smallish hands. I said to myself, the 3000 we are gonna pay for having or precious' hands casted would've given many people an invaluable amount of joy. After realizing everything of these i decided that we are gonna push through with it and the next thing to do is to schedule the soonest our baby's molding session.

My wife, wait why do i keep writing “my wife” this and that, please bear with my bad writing skills. This is the product of not taking our english lessons seriously back in the days. I did rather skate than study. lol. So anyways, Guia's next move was to contact the one who does these lifecasting business. text message we're exchanged and finally the schedule was set.

On January 21,2012, our glee was 1 month and 16 days, this is the date scheduled to have our baby glee's hands and feet molded. So we went to visit the house of the owner where this molding session is to take place. They lived in an exclusive village so be ready to dress up in a guard friendly attire or you'll be bombarded with security questions by the security personnel. Seriously though, the guards were polite and they'll just ask you to give an ID and confirm with their head guard about our business in entering the village and they'll give you the directions on how to get to your destination. Then we arrived at there house no problem, you can easily locate it as it's on a corner lot. There we are greeted by the cheerful and very accommodating young lady owner of lifecastingPh named Althea and who can't notice her little baby zoe's cuteness. Then one of her aunts,if i am not mistaken, prepared the alginate(?) it's similar to plaster of paris only a more advance version of it. Then after the alginet was ready, it's time to mold glee's hands and feet. The alginate was in a plastic container filled to more than half. Guia then ready'd baby glee and gently placed her hand inside the container completely submerged in the alginate. Baby glee did not like the feeling at all maybe she hated the cold feeling or maybe she was just not in the mood at that particular day.
Although after the 3rd molding, it was on her feet she kind of got used to it and didn't mind it anymore while she was breastfeeding. In no time, baby glee's molding session was over and completed. The details of her hands and feet are now formed and replicated inside the now hardened form of alginate. By the way originally we planned to just have baby's left hand and foot included since it'll only cost us 3k and we are on a tight budget but Althea proved to be a good businesswoman, gave us an offer we couldn't refuse. She said it'll be a wasted opportunity if we ignore the right hand and foot as it was seemingly more fitting to do both. She gave us 15% discount, so originally it would cost us 5k to do both pairs and it was a rather big price drop to P4250(50 of which i mistakenly compute when completing full payment so we ended up paying only 4200). Then the molding session was over and we are to wait for around 3 weeks because the mold will need to be completely hardened and dried out and the entire process will need some time.

Then yesterday, March 3 a Saturday, we finally got the finished product. It could actually be earlier we just had a delay in sending the pictures to be use in the frame because we wanted baby glee to be photographed on a studio and at that span of time she was sick so we can't take her just yet. I personally fetched it at Althea's place and I was happy to see the output and I never regretted my decision of having baby glee's hands and feet molded. The color combination we chose, yes it is personalized too!, looks perfect and we really liked it. My wife really really liked it and im sure she already has a spot for it when we'll finally move in to our new home sometime in the coming months. (I'm thinking it must be the wall directly on the stairs). We showed it to everyone, Guia's parents, also to brother who is a new father by the way and they were all amazed and they admired the quality and the details of it. In fact his brother's wife is already planning to have their baby lifecasted when she'll turn maybe 1 month. We also received a bunch of likes and some comments stating how nice it was and the idea was brilliant in facebook where we posted(who doesn't nowadays?)it. So all in all we got more than our money's worth and we never regretted getting this lifecasting thingy with our baby. In fact i am thinking i'm gonna do the same with my hand! LOL!

So if you have a baby, or a kid, waste no time and have her hands and feet lifecasted! You won't ever regret it. If you have some spare cash then by all means contact Althea NOW. If you are still short on some funds, then just save harder, I guarantee the happiness you get in opting to immortalized the cuteness of your baby's little hands and feet will out value the money you paid.

We know when baby glee will grow up she will surely look back at this piece of frame and she'll surely be glad that she can see (and actually hold) and admire how cute her (will be) rugged and aged up hands once was.


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