How’s my new year? seriously

Well seriously? ok, can’t remember when i am not. Ok so my new year went something like this… wait, wait, hold up. Shouldn’t I start by stating what happened in my life in 2012? I insist. Can’t do anything about it this is my space. Ok, so just a quick run down of what I did or what happened in 2012 as far as My limited memory is concerned. My then girlfriend now my wife Guia and me went to boracay then camiguin then in Palawan. I am not really sure about that though as currently im really sleepy coz it’s like 1am here, why am i still up late? Details later. Ok so in short we travelled well in 2012. In terms of health, i’ve had more trips to the doctor in 2012 compared to the preceeding years, maybe it’s understandable as I am getting older and my body kinda worn out by nature. I am not really sure, just a guess. We’ll that’s one of the not-goods in 2012 but im hoping i’ll be so much healthier this 2013 specially that I’m kinda working out my body now. ok so what else, ahh the most significant one, God gave us a child. A gift of life. Baby glee was born on Dec. 6. yes. Another thing is I got hitched. Meaning game over for me. I am married legally on the date of my wife’s birthday. July 25. Another is I gave something significant to my mama and papa, I had them built a small boarding house with 6 beds so they can have a sustainable source of income, though not that big but if handled properly i can see it generating around P10k a month. I think those are the really significant ones. There are some else like this blog is setup in 2012, pacman was KOd in 2012, got a heartbreaking loss on my nba team the boston celtics. Career wise? I can say not really a good year for me, i can do better I know with God’s help and grace but along the way something went wrong, My long time employer kinda like went shaky towards the later part of the year. I dont know if I contributed to the companies demise but I did my part to help maybe I’ve made my shares of mistakes too. On my spiritual life, My wife and I joined Couples for Christ where at first I was just forced in to it but later on it seems God worked or wanted me to join there with the group of people who openly profess their faith, which myself I do not do. I mean i am a bible reader and a FIRM believer in the powers of God. I love to pray but my worship skills seems kind lacking. Singing praises to God is fun. Praying together is great. Joining CFC was an eye opener for me plus you get to meet people from different walks of life and they have their own share of stories. I liked the open forum part. I never ever did something like that before and that new experience was really an awesome one for me. So I think that sums up my 2012 if every I’ll remember something worth adding here no worries I’ll just add a separte blog post about it and probably come up with a title like “Why did i forget that I did this in 2012”. So yeah that’s about it.

Now how did I celebrate new year? Honestly, i celebrated it face planted on the pillows. Yes laying lazily on the bed ignoring all the blowing of horns and vuvuzelas and all those noises that seemed not to matter at that point. Maybe i was tired or maybe my body kinda got used to not celebrating new year at all. Back then when i was still living with my parents and my aunt, successive years that we don’t wake up during midnight anymore. In fairness, my mom never fails to bring awesome foods to the table, there’s a ham, some keso de bola, spags bunch of cakes soft drinks, lots of fruits and more. Despite of that we still won’t wake up on 12mn coz we’ll eat it in the morning or we’re already full eating most of it the dinner before midnight. So that’s pretty much the story and my conclusion onto why i’m not that big in that new year stuffs anymore maybe in time it will change someday but now, My 2013 began with me sleeping.

So the rest of the day, i decide to spend the majority of the time to do a badly needed upgrade for my ubuntu installation. 2012 i was still running 10.10 whereas the lastest version now is 12.10? im like 2 years behind and in terms of technology when you are that behind it means you’ll have a hard time working or making your computer work. Which is true, i got a really difficult time with that 10.10 but hey i learned a lot with that OS, a lot more that when i was like forever stuck to windows XP. Ok so early in the morning, i got up then created a usb boot disk with the ubuntu 12.10 installer. It was not easy though as i forgot how to do it, did some googling but when i got it that was it. So the installation started and it was just quick what was not we’re the updates as it was taken from the internet and the speed of the connection is not that fast. It stated the update will be complete in like more than 2 hours. So i said to my wife that it’s possible we can still push through with her plan. She planned that we visit our newly finished house, which technically is not cialis discussion boards ours yet, as it has not been awarded yet by the subdivision developer. So we pushed through with that plan. After having our lunch, Me and baby, Guia’s Mom and younger bro went with us. The location of the house is kind of far from the city but luckily there was no traffic so in like 30minutes drive we arrived at deca mintal safely. Upon arriving there we were skeptic if the house was already finished as we saw there we’re rows of houses still empty but when we went there straight, Alas! It was standing firmly! So we took pictures of ourselves standing in what would be our home for many years with God’s permission and blessing of course. I was excited, I was excited to see myself living there. Yes it’s far from the city but a friend once told me it’s a different feeling when you know you own the place you are living in. It’s like all of a sudden you’ll see the blood, sweat and tears you worked for the past years sprung up and molded into a home. Ok that was exaggerated but you get the idea. Ok so the ecstatic feeling had gone and we came back to reality that the house is technically not ours yet. So Boring.

So we drove back to the city and as planned we went to the nearest mall which is the NCCC Mall. Guia’s mom has some late season shopping to do. Ok so we went into the mall, baby in the stroller. It’s her third time to grace a shopping mall actually. Her first was gaisano mall then SM lanang. Baby glee kind of like going to malls I’m not sure if she likes the airconditioning being that cooler than our room or he likes the feel of her strollers rolling but whatever it is she appears really calm while there. Ok so we went to the malls department store then window shop, shop, shop then all of a sudden baby glee woke up and appeared hungry and she cried. So Guia decided that I and her gonna head to the breastfeeding station while her mom and brother just continue what they’re doing, shopping.  Then when we arrived at the breast feeding station we we’re greeted with a closed sign so that was shitty in our part. Luckily we found a breastfeeding mother at the back of a makeshift stage. There was a lady guard there which politedly permitted my wife to just breastfeed there. My wife has this breastfeeding bib so it was just cool breastfeeding in public as you are completely hidden. So after breastfeeding baby glee was feeling ok already and ready to stroll some more, we headed back to the department store. There Guia’s mom was almost done so as his little bro then we decided to eat first. Pizza was the consensus or atleast the majority. So where else to head? Greenwich was the most economical choice plus it has more tv airtime too, so hands down it was picked unanimously. Ok so we ate, then was full. Then we head back to the department store for one last chance at buying other stuff they might had missed. After taking care of the things that needs buying we hurried home as baby glee appeared already bothered because the aircon was getting under her skin. I’m not sure if it was the aircon though or  just maybe here diapers just needs changing i’m not sure.

So we left the mall then went straight home. On the way, Guia’s mom gave some packed spaghetti to what appeared to be junk collector couple. They were thankful. They appeared really needy and if I have just all the money in the world they’ll be instant millionaires I swear. Ok so when we arrived home, went straight to our room and found out the installation, the updates we’re done. That was the hard part so I am relieved. Then i followed it up by installing most of the things i needed and the softwares that I was using before. It turned out i have many and it was not easy specially the part of transferring my work files to the new environment. That alone took like 4-5 hours with all those configurations and installations and stuffs. I also experienced some unfortunate event I found out the ubuntu express installed deleted the entire hard drive and replaced with the OS. All of our recent pictures were there as well as the recent movies I donwloaded were there. They we’re all gone. now those photos are just memories. well atleast some of them are still in FB. I was really really really pissed by that happening. My temper kind of reached it boiling point. The tone of my voice was different my eyebrows appears to cross together and my wife almost got mad at me. I inhaled and exhaled deeply, thought about God and how everything happens according to plan and some reason higher than our understanding. So my heart, was calm again. Burden free. I was like forget it, It’s ok shit happens atleast it was a learning experience.

Unti now, upon writing this blog Im still setting up my new ubuntu system. Install here and there and making sure i’ll have what I need so incase i’m gonna go full speed again on web development i’ll have no reasons to pause big and I can get the full throttle that I want.

Now i am getting really sleepy and tired. My ubuntu system looks ok now and it’s like 70% complete as far as I am concerned. It’s ready for my everyday task as a web developer.

Ok so that was how my new year, Jan 1 went. Now i’m done, time for you to tell me yours. I’ll be listening with ears wide open!

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