ningas kugon!

see, just as i expected, i only good at starting something. lol. but i am trying hard to change that.

how long since i last visited this blog, this blog haven’t even crossed my mind lately. but i admit yeah i’ve been ultra busy. i really mean it. yeah life is kinda complicated when you work at home and as a web developer, i mean c’mon all temptations are on the web and mixed that with liberty, i mean no boss around monitoring your every move then that could really spell disaster or lack of time management. yeah I admit, i have more time than most people but hey i’m not really good at managing it. but I am really trying hard to change that. but where do I start. i think i’ll start tomorrow, yeah tomorrow, i need to change my motto. something to the effect that states no time should be wasted. something like that. you got the idea.

ok so what’s up with this blog, i haven’t even finished telling story about my whole trip at the north side of pinas. but yeah i might as well finish it someday but certainly not soon. coz i’m quite loaded with a project.

so yeah, i’ll try to allot as much time as i can writing something in this blog, hey i love to read, and someday i will look back at this things when im not that busy anymore, about how my life has been. maybe i was happy or sad or anything. this blog should be the testament. so hopefully with God’s help my life will be on track and so is this blog. i’ve got big plans ahead of me and God knows how it will be laid out and i trust him he’s the architect engineer and what have you?! on life.

ok so im’a go to sleep now and see you next time. Im hoping i could post something tomorrow though.

oh before i forgot i missed Guia this time 🙁 she aint with me now coz she’s taking care of a little business which we hope is a start of something. i hope she gets to read this someday and she’ll know that i really missed her when we are not together.

ok ciao!

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