The Family of Gift givers

We’ll as much as i want to claim that i’m talking about my family, the family i grew up with, sadly i am not. We just aren’t. Maybe because growing up we doesnt have much extra cash to spend or my Mama is simply too busy for wrapping gifts and my Papa, we’ll let’s just say his not into it. I don’t know if they were raised that way though, or it’s just the economy that pushed them not to be big on this gift giving business. In fairness to them i do remember receiving many gifts when i was like an early grader. Papa looks at my tests if I got 100 a G.I. Joe Automatically follows. Mama gave me and my siblings gifts too though she hates spending money on expensive items like the GI Joe i mentioned. This post is not really about them though because the topic here is about the habitual Christmas gift giving regardless of generation and age.

Ok so the family i’m talking about is my wife’s family. Yep Guia’s family, specifically the mother’s side. The Carmens. Maybe the Montejo’s too but i really did not get a chance to attend there christmas parties as most of them already are older than us. My wife’s father is the youngest of them siblings so it follows that Guia is one of the youngest among the Montejo Cousins but on the Carmen’s they are of the same ages. So there’s not much of a generation gap really.

So every Christmas, i do notice that my then girlfriend Guia is so enthusiastic and so tireless in buying gifts. There came a point in time when we almost argue as I hate spending and she’s like on a spending spree for the Christmas gifts. She has like a dozen Godchildrens, and bunch of nieces and nephews and has her immediate family on the list too And she included my immediate family too! So i was kind of pissed, i am thinking this is some form of mindless spending, or in a more popular tagalog idiom, “ubos-ubos biyaya bukas nakatunganga”. She did not mind me though, she insisted that this gifts aren’t really expensive to begin with and it’s just seasonal. I did not force my idea on it though with quite a heavy heart. Good lord forgive me how selfish I am. 🙂

Then there’s this yearly christmas party of their family, yes the Carmen’s in which the gift giving is never absent. Plus the food is great too! So like Guia, they too buy there share of gifts. From her elder brother to their youngest. They love to give each other presents. Trust me they’ll be bothered if they can’t give anything to their mom and dad. I wish I was like them. Though lately i think i was trying to be a good son to my Mama and Papa i just don’t give christmas presents or surprises still 🙂 But i’m trying to give them what I think they Cialis need, that should be a good start for me. So back on the gifts, these gifts come’s in any form. Not the thousandish gifts though but just cheap yet really thoughtful and very personal. The gifts are well thought off and not just some generic stuffs like the things you can buy on the gift idea’s section. So yes, they are a family of gift givers and that’s what i saw and experienced.

Ok, so before any of my family, the members of my family whom i grew up with and anyone from their line cast stones on me for not labelling our family as gift givers, please hold your grudges. I know you love giving gifts too! Maybe you are just busy 🙂

I wrote this post this Christmas eve because once again i received gifts! Unexpectedly! Imagine my wife which is kind of on my side 24/7 managed to surprise me by giving me a gift and with a card personally written! Wow. I learned that she bought it long before knowing before-hand that she cant buy no more when our baby is already born. Even her older brother lenton gave me a gift too, not just me actually but all of his family members and some more kins. Ok so the next is a little form of trivia, I woke up on the morning and there youngest sibling, still on his early 20s, just came home from a seemingly long drinking session and then talking to his mother and Guia about some stuffs which are kinda repetitive. I know you hear guys at their drunk stages tends to repeat sentences. I am like that too! 🙂 Anyways, for all of his drunkenness he seemed concerned that he had not bought any gift! he reasoned the store already closed when he got there and that he will just probably reserved those gifts for the new year. 🙂 I was like wow, these really is the family of Gift givers not to mention her mom now my Mom-in-law went out like the whole day to different stores just to buy last minutes gift to those who’s still on the to-give list.

There goes my tribute to these family of givers, I know most of you guys got a family of givers too and it’s worth to honor those little things that a family does together. So since it is Christmas day, merry christmas I won’t make this post long as i think i am addicted this Holidays to Warcraft 3, yes that old warcraft 3 not dota. I don’t know I just became hooked to it that my wife even cried about it.

Merry Christmas Everyone, it’s not late yet buy that gift you’ve been wanting to give now. Always remember, it’s not how expensive or cheap that gift is or whether the one who’ll receive it will 100% like it but really i realized that the old cliche still holds true. “It’s the thought that counts” yes, and it counts a lot!

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