Baby glee has arrived!

My wife, Guia and I, were expecting this baby around 1st week of December and her due date was Dec. 6 as estimated by her OBgyne and amazingly the OB got the date perfect. Baby glee was born last Dec. 6 2012. Glee is just her nickname, our daughter’s fullname is Ghleanna Makiyah Lambo which my wife personally picked. I picked another name though, but you know these pregnant mom’s it’s hard to argue with them. lol. I even sweet talked my wife to name her like 4 letters example “Thea”, how i arrived with that? secret. my wife knows. Anyways my wife wanted the name longer and hence that name was chosen.

Ok. So the arrival of baby glee was not so smooth sailing. Around 2 weeks prior to Guia’s delivery date her doctor IEd her and found out she was like 4cm something and so she was asked to be admitted immediately. Guia, being a nurse by profession, knew very well that she is not in feeling any symptoms or the labor pains yet so she postponed it thinking she will just feel it the following day. Days passed and she grew restless and worried why the baby hasn’t come out yet. I always tell her that baby comes out when the baby is ready. A line I got reading from yahoo answers of some experienced mother. That proved helpful.

So on December 5, a day before Guia’s due, She decided that if she felt labor pains or not she would want to get admitted to brokenshire, the hospital we chose for her delivery. So all was set. Now there is this movie titled Rurouni Kenshin, a live action film of an anime named samurai X, which I personally is that big of a fan. So we went to SM Lanang and watched the movie. Inside the cinema Guia said the the baby is moving unusually and she thinks our baby is ready to go. So i just told her be calm and just wait till you really feel like giving birth. So we finished the movie ate out. Oh by the way the movie is great. 10/10 for me. These japanese guys really know what they are doing. So back to the topic, after the movie we went home and i felt tired so I slept immediately. I did not know Guia did not sleep because she seems feeling unusual and more likely it was labor pains. At 2am she woke me up and said we are going to the hospital. So i waked up calmly and i thought it was just false sign but the longer the time passes it sinked in to me that our baby is really underway. She woke up her mom upstairs, we are living in there house at the moment, and asked to accompany us to the hospital. So we prepared the bags Guia readied some weeks before for her delivery and went to the car. I found myself driving her to hospital with her mom and on my mind i was thinking that this is really it. The baby will be here anytime within the day.

We arrived at the hospital at around 3am, and there at the emergency room she was asked for mandatory checks and filled up some small forms then was immediately brought to the delivery room and me and her mother was directed to the maternity ward. There her mom and me waited. I remembered just playing worms on my phone which is an old nokia5800, looks like a dinosaur compared to Guia’s iphone. Her mom was just laying calmly on the bed playing with her iPad. Zuma is the game incase your interested on what she is playing. Hours passed. Unfortunately my phone, having a short battery life due to wear and tear gave up early. It was drained and empty by 6am. I can’t text any of my relatives and my friends anymore and inform them about Guia’s delivery. Guia was also texting me from inside the delivery room as she managed to sneak in her bag while she was being wheelchaired there. She sent me something like 3 text messages stating that she and the baby inside her is OK. At that time i received her messages but i got no load to reply. lol. It was still dawn so there’s no reloading service anywhere near. I waited for 6am then her mother asked me I should get some load(maybe to reply to Guia) and I did. I drove to a nearby store and have my phone loaded with 30. Then i texted Guia just one message before my phone displayed battery empty! Arrggh! i should have listened to her when she reminded me before we went to the hospital that I should bring my charger. I was wrong to think that i won’t need it and so i did not heed her advice. She was right.

Time passed slowly. I was getting worried on what was going on as i have no updates whatsoever from the delivery room. I became restless but I was not bored as there are people in the delivery room which are really friendly and likes to interact. I was just a lil worried since the other husband said her wife was there since the last night and has yet to deliver their baby. The other one is even longer than that. But i was optimistic Guia could make it fast as she was already Levitra 6cm when she arrived while the others we’re still 2cm. Then, the intercom sounded. Asking for the watcher of Lambo, my wife’s surname now, that was me. So i replied and i was asked to go there to get her bag and things. then i was asked to get her diaper too. Her mother prepared the baby clothes and the diaper so i took it and brought it to the nurse too. So i went to the DR and no conversation took place, just the exchange of items. Me giving the baby clothes and diaper the nurse giving me Guia’s bag. When i got back to the room they asked me for updates and i could give them nothing. lol. I’m not the kind who loves to ask. I just wait when someone tells me something. So moments passed. at around 9am I was asked again to go the delivery room so I quickly walked towards the DR, i wanted to run but i can’t i’m still limping from the basketball injury I got 2 months earlier. Anyways, so in the DR i was asked to wait as some doctor would want to talk to me. I was puzzled. I did not even realize Guia’s mom headed to the DR too so she could give the nurse the diaper for the baby after she realized she gave the wrong diaper which was the adult diaper meant for Guia. lol. I did not get to talk to Guia’s mom which was just steps behind me as the nurse instructed me to go inside the waiting room. Inside the waiting room i am getting more anxious each minute that passes. Many things are daring in and out of my mind. Things like, “is there a problem with the baby?”, “is my wife going to undergo CS?” things like that. My mind even settled into thinking to accept that the news of Guia on CS is very well underway. But then I just prayed and prayed. I keep on telling God not to abandon Guia and our baby in this crucial time. I just prayed harder and harder and the harder I prayed the more calm I get. Then minutes passed, i think 30 mins or more, a nurse approached me and said that i’ll just wait a little more and the doctor is coming which made me somewhat anxious again. But then after a short while a lady, which I learned later was our baby’s pediatrician, approached me and told me she was doctor “sorry i forgot the name” and that the one she’s holding was my baby. She also explained Guia’s current condition and what she underwent. She also offered me i want to carry my baby. I refused. I said that i don’t know how yet how to hold the baby and im afraid i might hurt her. So she said that was all and she head back to some room and i want out of the waiting room. There was a big sigh of relief inside me. I was ready to head back to the maternity ward with a good news.

When i arrived at the ward, with a smile i said to Guia’s mom that Guia already gave birth to our baby. Told her that my wife is still sedated and maybe an hour or so She will be roomed in with our baby. Her mom, Helen, now my mother-in-law was happy but relax and too calm to show any excited emotions.

I was really too excited to see my wife. So I waited outside the door of the delivery room and when i saw some hospital bed being taken out i quickly approached it and saw that it was my wife. She’s still unconscious and looks drugged or something, afterall the doctor told me she was sedated. Then she was taken inside the ward then immediately the baby followed. I was really delighted to see my wife and my baby laying down in the bed. Her mom also seemed happy that finally she saw her granddaughter. I’m not sure if she carried the baby directly or she just looked at the baby while sleeping. Guia on the other hand is not yet coherrent at this time, she’s sound asleep and looks like her world is still spinning. This is the time i texted my family, my aunt that Guia has already delivered our baby safely and on a normal way. Delivery time was 9:51am and our baby weighed in 2.8lbs. This seemed to be the happiest time of that day seeing our baby quickly roomed in and my wife already stable. One of the best days of my life ever!

Oh i forgot to mention, there was a time when Guia personally asked the nurse there to get her CP since we can’t use the DSLR since the memory card was nowhere to be found. That decision by Guia proved perfect as the nurse took great photos and even some videos with Guia’s Iphone. To that nurse thank you soo much. If by some twist of fate you get to read this blog post, don’t hesitate to contact me I owe you some dine out on your favorite restaurant or perhaps a box of pizza or anything i can do to repay the goodness you have done for my wife and our baby!

Praise God for this gift and thank you so much! I am forever indebt to God’s goodness and kindness.

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