fun @EK then to Vigan and Ilokandia part ii

ok. so since i have nothin’ to do at the moment and i have just done literally every instruction from Matt(our project manager) and more i guess it’s time that imma’ blog about the 2nd day of our trip.

On the 2nd day, after we slept like 4 hours? we wake up at around 7am?! We need to wake up like an hour earlier so we can still take  a bath and prepare before the Sogo attendant starts yanking at hour ears that it’s almost time. OK so we prepared Me first then took a while to get Guia started and then the motel attendant ringed the room phone and asked us the gtfo out of their room and so we did. So just a few walking blocks me and guia headed to McDonalds for some tight breakfast. She ordered umm’… hmm.. if i remembered it correctly a breakfast meal the one with egg and longganisa?? not sure though then i ordered a chicken fillet the square one that costs just roughly P50? yeah i think we ordered that along with some fries and a glass of coke. Yeah that should be our breakfast then. ok so while on breakfast, we like communicated with our travel buddies,updating them of where we are and where’s the next meeting point and then telling them where they should go or where we will meet. So then after some quick phone calls and some text message exchanges, we and them finally agreed to meet somewhere in MRT ayala if recalled it correctly.

So we finished our breakfast then took some lengthy stairs to the MRT heading to Ayala. Man, MRT guys are tight. like air tight?! lol. too much people ridin on this damn train at the same time. I know, i know the folks down there are so used to it that they’ll be surprised if theres a lot of breathing space in the MRT early morning. OK so we take the MRT and I took my best standing position to accomodate all those shoving and pushing going on near the MRT entrance. So Guia too, I think she manages riding this train better than me. Ok so the train rolled, then hitting the Ayala stop, but due to the bodies trapped between the train exit and us we didn’t Go out in time. In other words, we missed the Ayala stop and we are heading to the next stop. So confused and doesn’t know what to do, Guia asked the ticketmaster and just gave as a shrug and telling us that it’s no big deal just ride the opposite train Going back free of charge. Of course! why did not we think of that. 🙂 ok so we took the north bound train and this time we make sure to stand near the exit and when we arrived at the Ayala stop it was smooth sailing going out. The place looked familiar to me as ive been here once and i kept telling Guia that i know the place and where we are supposed to head but she didnt trust and instead just went her way asking some friendlies nearby but then i was right so i was like telling to her face that i was right and she was quite pissed lol. Stupid on my part. hehe. I just want to tease her a little like an ice breaker when tensions are high. Ok so we arrived at our meeting point it’s the place where the vans park just under the mrt. So Guia called our travel buddies and asked if where they are at the moment and then they say they are headed to us so we just waited and after a shortwhile we saw them walking in a single file, traces of confusion and perhaps irateness in their faces. can’t blame them, Manila is where you’ll findout what someone is made up of. yeah it’s an effing stressful place but it’s fun though.

Ok, so we meet with them and they said they haven’t have any breakfast yet and good thing is there are a lot of fastfoods nearby and they opted for jolibee and it was all cool we just waited for them to finish. So we have this friend, Gerbie, a girlfriend of my College pal Domar, she’s a lil close with Guia. so she finished first and leaving the rest of the gang inside jollibee still eating. So i was surprised she ate that fast and then she headed to us, then she confess that she was really pissed by her partner. She actually cried and was like really mad. Girls are really like that and Guia was like consoling her here and there and explaining that maybe they are just both tired and exhausted and mentally drained or whatsoever was it i dont know. Ok so much for the drama, so they finished eating and we kinda talk and talk a bit and discussed about how are we going to EK so finally we agreed and then there was a driver with a van nearby and we struck a deal with him like P280 per pax going to Ayala to EK and back. So it was a Go and then we boarded that van and everything was smooth sailing we passed by the major roads of manila to laguna and it was all smooth. Chatters here and there and it’s all cool.

Then we arrived to EK, phew. my dreaded place. i hate rides, i have phobia. yeah. i fear that i might throw up while on the top of the roller coaster’s loop or my heart might stop suddenly and would render me dead. Yeah farfetched but i dont know why this things always keeps popping in Cialis 10mg my head and thus forces me not to enjoy these great rides from EK. OK so we have our bags checked and we are ready and everything and there is another problem, the group brought a lot of junkfood stuffs and EK doesnt allow that. wtf. we we’re all pissed. So Guia and Gerbie took cared of it, they asked some nearby stores and plead them that maybe we can deposit those foods stuffs and we’ll just claim them afterwards but no one cared to listen and instead suggested that we donate it to charity. lol. luckily, they saw a familiar face, a driver of the van that we rode from manila, not the drive really but the driver’s colleague so they asked him to hold on to the foodies until we finished our EK trip and he agreed and he said he will jsut drop it to the van that will fetch us later that day. ok so it’s all cool, we are ready to enter EK and we shed like P500 each for the unlimited rides stuffs. So we started of by riding that spinning hot-air balloon like ride and it was cool and i was afraid. wtf. lol. trust me that ride aint scary at all but for the life of me. it fuckin’ was. So next they ride the EKstreme which is like a freefall from 12 floors on a sitting position, of course i did not bother to try it instead I become the guy to secure their things while they are enjoying the ride. poor me. Actually me and one of our cotraveller Sherwin did not take the ride, he reasoned his stomach was upset and so it is not a good idea to take that ride. So we both just watched while their asses fall down from 150m or ft high and we hear their screamin’. Yeah doesnt look like enjoying to me. seems like they we’re afraid, i am not sure though. ok so next they took a mini roller coaster like ride which actually is for little children which i still did not like to ride and this time i alone did not ride it. so again, i took all of their things and watched them enjoying the curves and turns. Anyways, i was fun so it was like that mostly. umm not mostly coz i ride some of them too. So i ride with them on bump cars,spalsh river(which i was tricked into riding) and some other more. The only other ride which i alone did not ride was the Space Shuttle which is scary as hell imagine three large loops and literally you are upside down for some split seconds. Then we had lunch, some chinese or japanese meal i think, we ordered in groups and we had different food. Me and Guia chose the Japanese one and it was cool. yeap delicious. So rides again i cant remember all of them, then finally we ride the rio rapids i think which was like a rafting but you are sitting on a chair. This one really caught us by surprise. we did not know that you are actually gonna be all wet after the whole experience. Yes we are wet. arrgghh. We did not expect that and so we got our bags and change clothes and shoes. yeah that’s how wet we are literally head to foot. So afterwards we felt kinda tired and just sat down and waited for the fireworks display and while waiting the guys just want to relax a bit but Guia decided that we ride the swan like stuff and both of us went leaving the others just sitting and waiting. So we went and the fireworks commenced and the fireworks was great. Such a beauty to behold on a night sky, though it is actually raining that time it didnt stop the fireworks from illuminating the dark skies. It was fun.

ok so EK fun is going to end. We decided to text the van and it was just nearby waiting for us. Then we headed to manila. Most of the guys fell asleep maybe due to exhaustion, probably not maybe. Me i wanted to sleep but i can’t i dont know why, i was just contented to having guia sleep at that time in my lap and i am cool with it. Ok so we just instructed the driver to drop us on the Partas liners bus if i remembered it correctly, and from there we will take a bus going to Vigan. So the van just arrived on the bus terminal on time, we paid like P875 for the bus fare going to vigan and the bus left at exactly 10pm. we had our dinner on the bus, we just had a take out meal at jollibee. yeah same thing chicken and burger steak and Guia and I are cool with that. Ok so aboard the bus was all cool from there, lazy boy seats, cool aircon(not cold enough to freeze you to death) it was actually the most comfortable bus i ever boarded on. I wanna ride it again frankly. i dont mind paying top money for as long as it is worth it and it was more than worth it. Good job Partas liners. Ok so the bus rolled normally, and after we had our dinner we slept while the bus is travelling north to Vigan. whew what a tiring day that was. i think imma continue this story some other time, looks like i have already spewed out enough english for the day. I might ran out. umm next time maybe i’ll write this one in visayan. maybe, not decided yet. we’ll see. ok till next time.




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