the Resurrection!

This is not about our Lord Jesus Christ’s resurrection though but rather this blog’s resurrection. Yes, this blog has been burried into oblivion and was inactive or shall i say dead for a long period of time. Blame me, or blame facebook. Blame me coz’ maybe i got tired or maybe i got something else to do than sharing what’s happening to my life. Blame facebook coz my freetime is definitely consumed checking my friends status and activities now how sick is that huh?!

Anyways this blog first came to life back in 2007, i got some posts, meaningful post and i find joy reading them again or atleast going througgh the things happening on my life at that certain point. Sadly though, there are missing pieces on my life as far as this blog is concerned. since late 2008 i haven’t have written any updated to my blog till now. Although, i attempted to start another blog which was named which i made to dedicate to my then girlfriend now my wife but still it was short lived. I didn’t have the passion to write anymore. It’s like my writing skills have grown poorer each time i try to write something meaningful. I don’t know why that is, maybe because i am aging? and probably my brain cells are starting to deteriorate? i really don’t know. anyways, the contents of my attempted blog was also imported in this newly revived blog so if you can see posts dated 2009 and prior to this post it means it came from my other blog.

ok why revive this blog now? we’ll it’s a combination of things. first i have a new born baby girl which i want to video and picture from time to time and figured there’s no better way to document it that posting it in this blog which i found to be actually better than shoving it on the peoples throat by posting it on facebook. It’s fitting that when your readers are interested they go here on my blog, not on facebook. secondly, there seems to be a slowdown in the company i am currently working. it’s like they are on the brink of a bankrupt and my status as a web developer is still questionable so currently i get loads of freetime and so since i have enough time i though i’d try to revive this blog and so i did it. Trust me it wasn’t easy my old blog was WP 2.0.5 now this is version 3.4.2. I don’t know the level gap but it’s safe to say that no direct documentation on doing such feat is available though it’s not that hard if you have first hand experience on mysql database even if you are new to wordpress. So yeah, and back to the topic. Third is i’m trying to setup a spot on the web to place my experiments, Some scripts i will try, could be some webapp, plugins, components, android/iphone apps so having my name on the domain should be fitting for it. 4th, this is interesting. umm… Plainly because i need to post on my personal space. Unlike posting something on facebook where everyone can see and they’ll probably scorn you or mock you on their statuses for writing something against their opinion and which will make you both look like really dumb in public. I guess that pretty much sums up all of my reasons why this blog is revived.

Anyways, i know i’ve lost the minuscle readers i’ve got before so i’ll just start to build up again and maybe just maybe this blog should be lively again who knows. what’s important is i made that single step. yeah just like that old cliche.

So if you are reading this, please visit this blog more often so i’ll be encouraged to write more to the point that i’ll write like 5x a day 🙂

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