technically 2nd, but yeah it’s my 1st post

Hey! waddup world. lol. im just talking to myself actually pretending to have millions of readers from the blogosphere. anyways, it’s been tooooo damn long since i’ve written something on a blog. i had a personal blog before which was shutdown due to me cutting ties with a previous employer and i do not know where he went and i did backup it but the domain expired and i kinda grew tired blogging. i felt like i was writing and writing for nothing. lol not really i find it fun sometimes reading what you did on the past, reading about how you felt what you did on that certain day or how your english sucks and how you misspelled the word or how you forget to construct straight english. But yes, that was about it my blog was gone. So why did i set a new one? we’ll i bought a domain name last year(save the domain name story later!) and then paypal kinda notified me that they deducted some $11 from my accout due to this domain name is auto renewed yearly from godaddy. and yes they did send some few reminder emails that they are about to get my money but i did not pay attention to it. So now that they already got the money from me i was like hey that was $11 and it’s money you know and i felt i needed to do something productive with my $11 so i setup this blog up. Got my account with godaddy and logged in and then figured i dont have a hosting no more so googled one up then a familiar site appeared. yeah byethost. Signed up did some configuration works and Boom i am writing now. actually it took sometime before wordpress uploaded and even the template so i am actually writing this in gEdit while waiting for the template to be uploaded. oh it looks like its finished uploading now so i’m gonna paste this now to wordpress so you, yes you, can read this nonsense post but don’t regret losing some 5mins of your time you’ll find it useful in the future maybe throw up some conversation with me like “hey your first blog post was funny” or more like “hey, you need to learn more english dude” haha! but bye for now. i’m hoping this is a good start again for blogging. so starting from today i’ll try to write as regularly as possible maybe i’ll start with a weekly post then slowly getting used to maybe like 1 post a day and i’ll see how this one goes. I’ll try linking this to someone else’s blog or maybe not we’ll see. time will tell. im kinda sleepy now and feels feverish so i’m gonna end this now and yeah buh bye. next time 🙂 p.s. i hope byethost won’t delete this. pretty please.

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