my christmas saga (not interesting)

blog1.pngok so this is some sort of tale of how marco’s chrsitsmas was. i shall say it was eventful and at the same time very revealing. And oh, please take note im not sober while im writing this, but dont get me wrong its not the power of the alcohol that pushed me to write this stuff, Its just that theres something in my heart aching to write this historic(for me only) event.

so now, HOw the fuck did this all start. ok it started mid morning when i messaged a friend named francis in IM and I commented about his status which read “shit!!!!!!!!!!!” . I said, why in the world are you cussing very early in the morning? and he was like “its a shitty christmas today bro”. then i fuckin understand his sentiments. Especially when he bit on my joke about drinking. he was like “sure bro, after my duty”. Me thinking that’ll be all cool atleast i give homage to a friend who needs someone this christmas time. So hours past and boom! (it became koko crunch) it was already 2pm(our agreed meeting time) but rained poured heavily, as if the heavens is forbidding me to go out. Luckily, it subside after an hour, so I continued my journey to their place and we met and we drink some beer on a store on the next street and we were a little tipsy. Because the store didnt offer some ice with their drinks we decided to move after we drink the last glass. And oh, I texted a good friend named morn(thanx man) who proudly replied he will be with us with his new girlfriend. What the hell. I didnt believe at first but then surprisingly when had already moved at a cool “shating” place named calle 5, morn brought his self proclaimed girlfriend(“i dont fucking know how true”). SO we shat and shat until we are quite full. morn and his gf decided to go early(i have no clue why. do you?) so after drinking a bucket of redhorse we decided to order another half which made us a lot more tipsier. After finishing it, francis and I decided to eat dinner at any sidestore which serves any kind of viand, may it be dried fish or eggplant!. Then we found a spot to eat. SO afterwards we decided to go to a friends house upon his(friends) consent. We waited for some Jeepney to commute. Many several attempts failed.Then I decided that we should hitch (kabit – ride at the backway though it is full) and kaboom we were successful. hehehe. SO we went to my house, here! and waited quite a bit for my father and the rest of the family to get back so I can use the car. Then after a little while they arrived and I drove my car and it was all cool.

So now we went to my gf’s house and returned her memory stick which she wanted me to reformat and it was very quick. As i really dont want to get exposed in there area coz the people there are somewhat prejudice to how someone dresses(I dressed like a hippy, long haired and a shirt bought 6 years ago). Then we went directly to a friends(dave) house which earlier pledged that we can celebrate christmas in their house. SO it was cool.

We had drinks and ate more than we drink. I think I consumed more rice today than any supper combined for the past months. So i was thankful to dave for sharing with us some chicken legs and the lechon kawali Ill be always thankful man. So it was really cool, we drink and drink saying nonsense. then there came a time when I said i cant take it anymore coz im quite full. SO I decided to take a nap a bit on my car, just to ease the alcohol taking over my senses. Then when I recovered….

I kinda hear the 2 argued(dave and francis) about someone named bliss(whom i recognized thru dave and francis description). So when I came back there was some heated debate. Too late when I had known that i was involve in that argument. Honestly i had no clue why. Then dave started to shout words which didnt really suit my taste. He was like “Unsa na imong uyab? ruffa mae? (Is your girfriend like Ruffa mae?)”. Just as you all know, ruffa mae is a famous actress in the Philippines. And i was caught off guard when he said that. I mean who in their right mind would compare someones gf with some celebrity? I was really pissed but I didnt resort to some personal attacks like calling her girlfriend example “who the fuck do you think is your girlfriend? pokwang?” I wish I did. but I didnt. I really dont want to attack personnaly, I just pity this friend coz he cant argue on a substantial basis thus resorting to personal insults which are really uncalled for. I mean, never in my life did I attempt to brag about my girlfriend. never. But for him to insult her is such a disgrace. And it just shows how some people thinks very limited(Maybe their brain doesnt function well?) I really was surprised why he called me boastful about my girlfriend or i am perfectionist about some girls, When in fact i really didnt. Debate arised, heated and more debate followed. but i was very composed. I didnt resort to personal slurs(which I know is a sign of idiocy and more of immaturity). He even questioned my faith and judged me as a man who only follows what the book says and never come up with my own conclusion. (oh is that it?) I really find this funny where in the world did this guy take that words(is that because he was controlled by the spirit of red horse). Also another funny argument arised, when he said he respected everyone no matter what. Then I sarcastically quoted “how about hitler?”. The funny thing is, because he was very defensive and wanted to defend every word he said. He said “YES, I RESPECT HITLER!” what the fuck. now i lost my respect. hahaha. how in the world would you respect someone who almost anihilated the dews by genocide. He even quoted the example that Jesus respected his tormentors. LOL! Hey man, if you read the bible well it was PITY and NOT RESPECT that jesus felt for them, PITY coz their souls would be condemned to eternal flame but never RESPECT. show me some passage that jesus respected his tormentors and I bow and eat my words.

I mean this guy and me are friends, but with him calling me as someone boastful about my girlfriend and close minded about some girls is just pathetic. I mean this guy should rethink and rethink and rethink about how he assess an individual. Its not that im boasting that im already a millionaire and he is still depending on his parents for his daily needs(which is of course a shame), I really dont know where did it all came from. Maybe his judgement is clouded for him to call me such words on christmas eve, I didnt come on their house to be insulted but rather to celebrate and have fun. But im really proud of myself that I defended myself on a substantial basis on that particular heated argument, I attacked only his statements but never did I resort to personal slurs. Heck I can even call him as someone who’s really dumb and cant comprehend how programming works, BUT I DIDNT. HEck I can even quote him as someone sho relies on his parents for his daily expenses eventhough hes almost 24. BUT I DIDNT. I really dont want to go personal though he had personal insluts towards me. like he questioned how unworthy I was or I dont have any word of honor just cause I failed at my attempt as being “straight edge”. And he said it to my face. LOL! its really personal and i mean it was not like i really didnt try hard to become edge. I tried hard but I failed, so I guess ill just move on. But he really want to shout it in my face like “Hey ASSHOLE, i dont believe any word you say coz you failed at your attempt as edge”. I mean what the fuck. Who in their right mind would want that to happen? He keeps on insisting that mistake and elaborating it toroughly as if this guy has never commited any damn mistake. AND YET, he has the nerves to call me perfectionist. DAMN IT!

I somehow thanked him when we parted ways and greeted merry christmas but all was as SHAM. fuck off. never insult me personally as I wont hesitate to insult you the next time I have a chance, And dont think that I attack on the back, coz this blog is more than infront. If you think what I say here are lies, the I respect your opinion but please prove it. Me, I have a witness at how you throw your personal fuckin insults at me.

No fuckin food or beer will fuckin cover the insult you gave me this christmas day specially when you coined my girl as is she like ruffa mae? Who the fuck you think your girl is? heck i would even masturbate for pokwang that your girl.

NExt time you insult someone think a million times. alright. We are friends but there are limitations.

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