this song was written by a good friend morn.

he said he dedicated this to a girl who caught his eyes and unfortunately she is nowhere to be found. how sad. 🙁

we’ve decided to shoot a music video for it and I directed/edited it. The plan was good but it turned out we don’t have much time and so the latter part where stuffed with unrelated clips.

i’ve also included some of our skateboard clips with me and dave skating after 3 years of not riding a board. Gladly i can still do some 5050s. lol.

so here it is and check it out. and oh please dont hesitate to leave your negative comments.

negative comments usually are truthful than the positive ones. lol

3 thoughts on “enala

  1. unknown

    wow.. what a nice clip.. hope this wouldn’t ruin some ********….

    to the director:
    congratulations.. nice job.. hahah 😀


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