where do you belong???


i stumbled on a site recently that mocks most of todays most famous scene. The site is called yourscenesucks.com. I really find it funny how they put a little description on some scene characters. check this page for example http://yourscenesucks.com/punx/index.htm scroll on the bottom part and read the about section.

“although his lifestyle may seem to embrace rebellion and individuality, the pseudo-punk spends plenty of time ensuring that his leather jacket is adorned with enough studs and patches to look just like those of his friends. he claims to be ambivalent about what anyone thinks of his looks, but he will go out of his way to put elmers glue and five cans of hairspray into his liberty spikes so they can stand as tall as possible. “

I hate to admit it but at some points in our lives this statement came into reality. I don’t know about you guys but i think i was guilty on this one in one way or another. 🙂

But i have no regrets. It was all part of growing up. Now looking back, i seem to laugh at myself and say why the fuck did I think that. I mean there’s no offense to real punx out there if there are really such, i have so much respect to the ideology thats why I just dont want to stain it with some stupid sense of fashion or unthinked of reasons.

Anyways its getting far out already. why the hell do I always write off topic? when can I learn how to write the right way? 🙂

ok so for you guys who had a chance to read this and have some spare time in your hands try to visit the site and check and look back how you fare on your younger years and see on what scene you belong.

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