New Deck and Trucks.. yeehaaaa!


I ordered a new skateboard deck and trucks yesterday, it was supposedly last sunday but the store owner was still on holiday, and the package arrived today. I ordered in online at Jackass Project Skateshop. The transaction was smooth and have no problem on the orders at all. You might wonder and ask why do i have to buy online. well its for the simple reason that there are no stores that sell original skateboards here in davao. The last time I checked Melrose Davao was closed i just dont know if it was a case of bankruptcy.

package2.png package1.png
im so excited to set this one up and I cant just wait to have my first ride on it and do an ollie or a kickflip If I still can. Hopefully i can still do those. 🙂


Its been like 2-3 years since I last skated. And now i felt a renewed passion for doing this very, very enjoyable and fun activity. I know i’m not young and I shouldve stopped playing by now but nah who cares. i really missed skateboarding.

So here are the items…

Tensor Magnesium Red/Black


Blind Reaper Hippy


3 thoughts on “New Deck and Trucks.. yeehaaaa!

  1. Marco


    6k tanan gasto nako bai…

    deck lang ug trucks…

    2,700 sa deck
    300 sa griptape
    2,900 sa trucks
    100 bayad sa bank transfer.

    ok ang transaction bai.. paghuman nimo send sa payment,
    the next day naa na dayon ang items.. mkadula na dayon diretso.. hehehe…


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