zipline @camp sabros

Hi guys, just want to share my experience doing that famous zipline at camp sabros at kapatagan, digos last Sept, 28, 2008.

The overall trip was fun though a little bit exhausting. It feels great to get to travel once again after my long abstinenence on engaging in any form of trips.

Im still working on how to upload the video of my zipline taken by Des. The format is somewhat difficult to encode to flv. So i am guessing i would need to upload it to youtube and the likes. But i dont know i hope I can figure it out without resorting to using 3rd party sites.

Together on this trip is my good ol’ friend Sandi, his girlfriend Desiree A., their kumare Desiree D., DonnaJane(thanx for coming on such a very short notice), and of course Me (still drunk on that day coming from Airon’s bday party at c5)


A picture of us Riding a piece of metal going back to the adjacent mountain top after doing our first zipline (Desiree D’s Second) 🙂
From Left to Right: Me, DonnaJane, Desiree D., Desiree A., Sandi

looking at the picture, yes im straped! 🙂 The Doctor said im suicidal, i might jump off the mountain. just kidding.
if you want to see some of our pics please check it out on flickr.

thanx to Desiree A.(lalabs ni sandi) for the pics

3 thoughts on “zipline @camp sabros

  1. desiree a.


    san next adventure???

    paintball war? rapel?climb apo? ostrich ride? water raft?… hihi… toink=)

    ayos ayo mo sho!!!

  2. beans

    marcoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HALPPPPPPP

    contact meh!!!!!!!

    AIM – sic
    Yahoo – 2bz

    I has $$$/work for you ;D


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