A Serious Challenge in faith

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While googling some documentaries by discovery channel I stumbled upon a site which compiles videos on different kind of documentaries. They show free documentaries of on different categories for free. I watched the Lost Pyramids of Caral and Unconvering Atlantis docu’s which were both very informative and revealing. It honestly made me wanna go back to school and study archeology quite a bit. That 2 hours of viewing was a really great experience.

After finishing the two films, It made me quench form more. I tried clicking on other categories to search for some interesting topics to watch. Then a title caught my attention. It was under the religion section. It was titled “The God Delusional”. A 2 part series that has a play time of approximately 2 hours and so I decided to check on it knowing it will be a good past time and I’m really interested on the scientific view about God. I watched this film setting aside my bias about my faith and so my mindset was neutral( I honestly don’t know how neutral considering I have a strong faith ). I tried to view each revelation on this film as objective as possible. I tried to understand the message that they are trying to give out as unbiased as I could. I honestly would say this film brought shivers to my spine. The guys on this film are so damn good about what they are doing that whatever arguments you can think of to counter their statements would just appear dumb and plain stupid.

Ok, if you wanna watch the documentaries now and stop reading this nonsense blog entry. please spare some 3 hours of your time and follow this link below. WARNING: please do not watch this film if you have a very shaky faith



So after finishing both parts of “The God Delusional” another related video caught my attention. The documentary was titled “The God who wasn’t there”. This is a documentary about the author himself who once was a fundamentalist Christian believer and then tried researching about Jesus and the history. He wanted to know more about who Jesus is to strengthen more his faith but it just turned out to be the exact opposite. He was stunned on the information revealed to him by his research. His discoveries made him a complete atheist and totally denying the existence of Jesus and even God.

What’s more interesting in his documentary is that his analysis is not very scientific on some points, I should say the arguments were brought up in a Lay mens term, that’s why his message could easily get across to the viewers. It was shot in a setting wherein the locations are very accessible and one could easily find out for themselves about the validity of his documentary. Also at some points, this documentary shows very disturbing images depicting different versions of Christ’s Image. The Gore on this film is heavy but It won’t get any heavier than passion of the christ (Which I know majority of you paid to watch the film), since the clippings used where just an excerpt of that film.

So what did I feel about watching? Kind of nothing unusual. I can say its just another informative film that has no or if not a little effect on my way of thinking.

This film only solidifies my disbelief on any religious sect.

My faith is based not on what other people imparted me, not based on what some priest is lecturing me, not bases on how I was raised up but my faith is based on real life experience, my passion on reading the bible, and an internal feeling ( which I do not know how it came into fruition ) that God is somewhere out there outreaching to everyone just like me. It’s just a matter of how you respond to it.

So if you asked me. “Did this film change your outlook towards God?” Absolutely not.

Did this film somewhat affect you faith? Yes, it made me believe in God more. Call me an asshole, stupid or whatever you can think of, but deep inside me I know God made me watch this film to challenge how deep my faith is. And after watching this film I am glad and proud that I have passed his test.

By the way, just so you guys know, I was not always this man of faith. I was an atheist, blasphemous and a pretentious idiot. It just so happen that something inside me made me believe and have faith in God, and I would be very glad to consider that “something” as the Holy Spirit.

7 thoughts on “A Serious Challenge in faith

  1. jigs

    nice, na touch ko kong. bow ko sa imoha bay. murag ok kaayo ka nga example sa katawhan. ahaha ayus! honestly mas confident ka kung naa kay faith sa imong kaugalingon. religious man o dili.
    sunod na lng siguro ko mutan-aw basin madala ko nila. nabuing na. ehehe tama na to nga naka dungog ko sa imoha. salamat.

  2. Marco

    @Jigs – salamat sa pagbisita bai.. tan-awa na kay informative kaau na nga documentary

    @Irvin – daghan pa kaau kog copy bai.. hehe.. natagaan na gane nako ug copy si sandi… gaan lang tika..

  3. anonymous

    Some scientist are against the bible because they won’t believe in miracle ( the things performed by christ when he visit his people ) they think that, it is stupid to believe and they thought it as another fiction story and just another myth of religions like gods and goddesses. In truth, scientist too doesn’t know how to explain some things that happened on earth. For example, how was the pyramids of egypt built ? The pyramid is real and is very tangible thing and they even make some experiments on it. Still, they are puzzled and amazed on it. The bible has a lot of evidence in history and science! I want to expand my explanation but i think my explanation is too long that it would require for me to write a blog too. Hats off to you because i know what it feels to have an internal feelings too. Pacenxa sa akong english practice2x lng hehe

  4. Marco Post author

    cool. there are no arguments between the two of us as I am a man of faith, albeit always put to test. Regarding the pyramids of egypt i believe there are enough scientific backings on how it was built so you need not take it as an example.( and also they are not christians! ) Anyways i would like to thank you for taking time to read my blog, if you could share some link to your blog post regarding your faith i would very much appreciate it.
    Okie ra ng english kay di man ta amerikano, di man gane sila kibaw magbinisaya 🙂


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