fun @EK then to Vigan and Ilokandia part i

i miss blogging already. i should have written while i was on the trip but i didnt coz i can’t. yeah i didn’t have the means, i didn’t bring any laptop or i don’t have a hightech mobile phone. simply i just didnt wanna bother myself writing while on the trip. yeah.

ok so we went on a short trip to Luzon, me and Guia with some of my college friends and acquaitances. Our friends went ahead of us so like hours ahead they fly to manila early morning while me and Guia were scheduled to fly later that night. It was quite frustrating that night as it rained very hard and we all knew how difficult it is to commute when it’s raining. So plans we’re altered Guia didn’t come here at my place and instead she took a taxi and just fetch me from the corner block. This time I was quite pissed about everything, like i have to walk some 500m to get to the fetching point, or just about everything. But gladly later that night i was calmed down, yeah Guia knew me, i will be pissed for like 5 seconds? and after that we can talk like nothing happened except for some really serious stuffs when Guia will start to cry and i will be like sorry as hell and guilty as a murderer caught in the act. Ok so then we went to the airport done some security routine then found out we can’t take our umbrella. But Why?! we don’t really know. ok so we just looked for some nearby businesses and pleaded the attendant if we can leave it there and gladly we found one kind hearted one but not after Guia initiated the idea of paying her some P50. Ok so it’s like 8pm already and we didnt have dinner yet so we looked for a dining place inside the airport and surprisingly most are close already. There’s an open one but they serve limited food but we have no choice so we dined there. Guia brought with her some cup noodles so we just asked for a boiling water which costs P10 and also ordered cornedbeef sandwich which is about P100 if i am not mistaken. That did for us and we we’re happy coz we aint hungry no more. then we headed to the waiting area. Our flight should be within an hour or less but for some unlucky twists our flight was delayed 2 times! yes 2 times it’s pushed to around 12mn. Ideally we should be pissed but i’m surprised we did not, we just took our time played some games on Guia’s cp, chatter here and there and time flew quick and there we are sitting on the plane waiting for it to fly and then land.

ok so while on the plane, i know this would come. i know that my ear will hurt like hell and i’ll lost my hearing while on flight. I also have this terrible feeling each time the plane leaves the runway. I don’t know what fear is vigrx vs vigrx plus it inside me but it’s just a strange feeling though it eventually gets away when the plane is comfortably soaring atop the clouds. Flight is just less than 2 hours so after sometime we arrived at Manila. i forgot the time maybe it was passed 1am. I am not sure. We decided we need a full dinner or a very very early breakfast, Gladly there are a lot of open establishments inside the NAIA. We opted for dimsum and dumplings, i cant specifically recall what we ate but it’s like fried rice topped with beef and chicken curry. Guia and I both shared the food and we loved it and then we are good to go. Just near the place we ate is mini stop, so we bought somethings which we forgot to pack like toothpaste, conditioner and bottled water. So afterwards we navigated our way to the airports exit where the taxi cabs wait. Thankfully we found it then took a taxi to taft. The driver even tried to scam us. He would not want to turn on the taxi meter and instead asked us to pay for P150 to taft rotonda. Wow! i don’t know how far or how near it is but it is crazy. it is like going from our house to SM which is by my standards is far enough. OK so Guia did not agree at first and asked the driver to turn the meter on and the driver haggled to lower it to P120 and Guia made a deal that we pay P120 but just turn the meter on still and the driver was quite mad spewing some words but eventually he still turned the meter on. Then we we’re dropped off to Sogo hotel(a motel really) and the meter read like P105 so it’s ok atleast it’s not like we’re robbed face to face.

So the trouble doesn’t end there. in the motel, we found there are a lot of couples waiting we are like #21. I was like wtf. But we have no choice since it is raining very hard outside and i bet it’s not a good idea to traverse the streets of manila 2am in the morning. so we waited for like 2 hours and then gladly our number was called. But the waiting is not that boring since the place has a very comfortable waiting area, soft sofas and flat screen cable tvs. So when our number was called, joy filled our hearts that finally we can call it a night and get ready to sleep. actually it will be just 5 hours or less sleep coz the it is kinda expensive there we paid like P700+ for like 4-5hours. but it is worth it the place is good and clean. So that night Me and Guia slept well.

ok so I would cut and continue the story next time coz i’m like very sleepy at the moment and i need to rest coz i can still feel the hangover from this trip plus i’m still not feeling normal like i should.

ok thanks guys. 🙂

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