cools on parade

i think I got it wrong… isn’t it bulls on parade? yeah right.

yeah probably coz I listened to zack kabarotsa. huh?! isn’t it Zach de la Rocha. Yikes! im strike two. but damn it. this time im sure i’m not going to make a mstake. Because im a reggaeist (did I just invent this word?!) , im sure I know the history of Bob Marley and his life. Do you want to know what i know about this reggae legend? I have read somewhere that Bob Marley and Che Guevarra are in the same band? yes, yes. I know I am right. Why don’t you believe? hahaha! Now, can’t you see that im cool. Lol. Lol. Lol. Rofl. Im the coolest of em all.

Since you already know that im cool, might as well tell you what i know about being cool. Ok do you know metallica? do you know their song that goes like “salbatroooss”. Wait. I know you already heard that. maybe you havent recalled it ayt? Might be a memory problem? cmon man i know your cooler than that. Ok how about listening to punk music. Do you know underground punk music? Me? im the master of that. i know almost all punk bands. Don’t you believe me? ok the most punk of them all is Daft Punk. this band is the punkest of them all. Ok there is also another one. The one with the backstreet boys was it AJ? hahaha. ok so if you want a cool one then try Avril Lavigne. Have you heard he was a skater boy? Lol that was a great music. I listen to it every minute of the day back in my student days. because I was a t(h)rasher. I carry a skateboard eventhough i cant ollie a match stick. hahaha. But the mere fact that I have a skateboard that already makes me cool plus I intentionally low waist my pants and make my clothes dirty. hahaha. Now are you cooler than me?

Nah. please believe me. i beg you because im dying to be cool.


think again idiot!

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