Another Music Video (amv)

Hi guys, its been quite a while since i have last update my blog. I had very busy days this past weeks and so I havent find any time to post here.

Anyways, this post is nothing except to publish another music video that I created. Video Editing is beginning to become a hobby of mine and I wont be surprised if I end up editing lots of videos because it really is fun. Although its time consuming but the end results will pay off. Now i think im improving, though i think i need to read the basics of directing and filming. But nah, i dont know.

So ok, here is the video. “Love Story for you” By: Marciano and the Missing Enalah

6 thoughts on “Another Music Video (amv)

  1. fatima grace


    nice kaayo pagedit nimo marc…

    nagcomment ko sa cinderella thing jejeje

    basaha na lang…

    padayon lang sa inganang butang jejeje

  2. fatima grace

    that’s part of the learning process… haha
    puhon paedit ko sa imo ug video weeee
    amping kanunay!

  3. fatima grace


    naa paka lain nahibal-an nga pwede ko makachat gamit akong yahoo account like meebo?

    ambot uie… sige lang man ko ka reconnect…
    dili na nuon ko kachat huhuhu

    kabalo ka,
    dapat naa ka message setting para sa imo lang…
    i mean, kanang directly ikaw lang makabasa…

    mura ba sa friendster nga naa COMMENT AREA for everybody to see tapos MESSAGE AREA pud nga ikaw lang personally makabasa…

    para mas ayos imo site jejeje

  4. andhotbot

    @fatima grace

    hehe.. with regards to the message area.

    don’t you think its more comfortable to just send an email rather than posting
    in a “message area” if you intend it to be a private/personal message ?

    just my 2 cents


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