hello world on video editing

This is my first attempt on trying out video editing. ive scanned my cp and found there are quite a lot of stored videos out there so i decided to make a use for them and now here is the output. I really dont know how this will look like but i think the setup can only be used in pc as I would think this would really be a piece of crap if transferred on tv. You know, i have no high tech camcorder so im just relying on the poor vid resolution of my phone.

Anyways, here is my first attempt. (and yes, you can start laughing now. haha )

6 thoughts on “hello world on video editing

  1. andhotbot


    muzta na man mo bai? hayahay nman daw kaau mo kay tambay mo pirmi sa web. hehehe…

    ayo2 mga higala!


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