aftermath (just dont mind my title!)

Whew. Its quite some time since I last updated my blog. I really find it hard to write when you don’t have the inspiration. Writing for me has never been a piece of cake. I always hated this part even in my student days.

Anyways, this post is not about that one. I am just putting some words here just to accompany the video that I will post.

Ok. we had great fun last night. It was on that place infront of nccc mall, the beerhouse there( sorry i really forgot the name, something like “yatis!” lol ). It was a sort of a get together/reunion type for the cerveo boys with sir dennis leading the pack. It was fun, I had fun, I think Ron had fun too and I just hope everybody had fun as well. Ok bottomline, its was a party!

So, after we got drunk and everyone felt like they had much and felt like heading for a long sleep. Ron and I decided to stay for awhile and do some 1on1 on the videoke machine. I really think it(I mean the 1on1 with Ron) all started with my version of honesty which I surprisingly sang(damn!, this beers really gets into your head). Its been ages since I last sang on a videoke. I’ve never thought it felt this good. yayks! I’ve suddenly felt that night that I can be serious contender on PDA. Wow. Its good to be really crazy atleast for a night. We’ll im crazy but what im trying to say is to be “crazier than what you can”. We’ll I admit the room walls helped a lot. I would have never done it if it was on an open area where people can actually hear your voice and see your expressions while singing.

Anyways, too much talking for now. I think im not yet fully sober plus its raining so I feel like sleeping.

Here is the video. Don’t hesitate to watch and comment. 🙂 (By the way, this was after everyone else left)

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