looking around

This really is about looking around, and I am not talking about what my eye sees around. I am writing about what is going on around, Perhaps i want to mean our world atleast.

Look back on your years of existence. Try to recall the times in which you can say it was the worst. Look at it not in a self centered way but rather look at it as a whole. Include all the people you know, the news you see and hear on tv and the things you have read. Try to compare it today. Can you feel that the world you are living today seems going to nowhere? I mean check the prices on the stores near you, Im not expert in economics but at least in my understanding the prices are skyrocketing. And you don't need any special education to know that our world is getting worst every time you wake up in the morning.I am just wondering what's really causing these things? I don't need any bullshit explanation about supply and demand because I know its all crap. Could it be that this question has no definite answer? Whatever the answer is, I just hope one day I can have it grasped in full and without any doubts.

Sometimes, I tell myself that what I feel towards our world may just be an impact of the things i read and what I see on the news. I really want to convince myself that this feeling is just passive. But I guess its not. I do think its reality and nothing can influence how you see things when they really are happening. I also know that there are countless individuals who perceive things similar to what I have.

So how do we cope up in times like these? The fastest way to forget everything is maybe having yourself get drunk or smoke a joint. Though these things are really effective but they are temporary and a solution by idiots. You don't try to solve a problem by getting rid of it in a very short time, instead you aim that it will go away for good. In other words you want it to be perfectly solved. But how about if you know that the problem could never be solved? Should you do nothing? If that's what you will do then I'm afraid that's the end of you. No matter how big a problem is and seemed to have no solution you should never give up and always have HOPE. Hope is what I believe to drive the most of us to endure no matter what obstacles are thrown in front of us.

What i want to emphasize here is that today we are living in the worst crisis of our lives and despite of this fact we should not stop to do what we think is right HOPING that things will dramatically turn in our favor.


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