Download Pasko sa usa ka binilanggo MP3

ok. i know why you reached this blog. so please click here to download the file. 🙂

i know Christmas is still far and i also know for a fact that it usually come fast. I dont know what got into me today but this song suddenly hit my mind and I felt a craving to listen to it. So I googled and and thankfully I was taken to esnips. A kind user uploaded the song there and from there it was all cool. This is the actual link from google search I used some of my internet smarts to obtain an mp3 copy of the song from that url. Then i Listened to it like 20times repeating it over and over in winamp, so now I feel sick of the song(just kidding!)

So for all of you who downloaded the song from here…. ummm.. nothing. I just wanna share to you that these kind of songs for ME(IMHO) are the real emo and not the ones soundling like a cry babies pleading for a bitch. (Sorry EMO guys!)

ok hope all is cool for you. God Bless!

3 thoughts on “Download Pasko sa usa ka binilanggo MP3

  1. Yheng

    Salamat Marco sa pag share ani na kanta lisod jud mangita aning kantaha karong panahona, dugay na pod ko sige’g pangita ani wala ko kakita karon pa lang diri sa imong site.

  2. Marco

    @Yheng – uki ra kaayo ui.. ako pud sauna nagkabuang kog pangita maau gane naay nagupload sa esnips ug streaming. Mao akong gi-grab unya giconvert ug mp3. hehehe.


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