fast yet long day

whew! yup. steve job died. i blogged about it already this morning ayt.

ok so whew. im kinda' happy now. i finished Matt's task. yeah, i sliced that PSD to joomla successfully. quite challenging since the native joomla menu was converted to accordion plus there is a jquery cycle for the frontpage banner. It was a little tough for me coz' im not really that adept into joomla development but now i am quickly harnessing the power of joomla. I believe i could be a joomla expert in like 2-3 more good joomla projects. lol. yeah i am confident. i know me. though sometimes when it's really tough i really feel the pressure, the stress, yeah my heart is like pounding and when i take a breather like smoke quick i feel some li'l pain in my chest like its quite difficult to breathe. i don't know if it's because of my occassional smoking though or if it's because my body doesnt like the pressure anymore. whatever it is, i hope it won't happen to me often and I hope God will guide me and my body and lead me to where he wants me to go. God's will. ok but yeah, task was for today was good and i can't do it without God helping me. D'you know i always asked God's help when i'm coding something specially if i know if it's quite hard and so far God never failed me yet. i always find or he always finds a way to let em finish the task.

ok enough bout my work, okay so 5pm this afternoon i stopped working and jumped to take a bath coz i promised Guia that i will be on their house coz it's his father's birthday! i bought an ice cream on hb1, a store very early hcg levels in pregnancy near where i live at the moment. I took a taxi coz it was rush hour and i know how bad it is to get stuck in traffic and you know your time is limited. By the way when i was on taxi my heart was pounding like crazy i thought i'll be having a heart attack and collapse and die on the spot so I just say a li'l prayer and just focus and think positive that i'll still reach Guia's house and thankfully it all went well maybe i am just too way ahead. It was all stress. i know it. ok so Guia wasn't there yet coz she bought some items, yeah a bag. north face bag, imitation though but it's all cool. if i just have a camera phone i might have taken a pic of it by now. just P1500 but it's spacey. i love it perfect for travelling and outdoors. Thanks mine!  You really know my taste in bags. 🙂 Then when Guia finally arrived we ate dinner then some ice cream. not before her BROs invited me to drink some sanmig lights, and yeah i downed some 3 bottles, and her Mom inviting me to eat some plateful of spaghetti. so yeah i can see myself now slowly getting fat. at this rate i'll be fatter like i was one time i think i need to eat less now and maybe stop drinking that extra joss energy drink. But wait?!? how the hell will i Get enought energy for thinking when i won't eat lots. arrrggh! this is a dilemma. anyways i dont know. just let things be, if i get fat then i get fat, if not then i'll be happy. so that's it for today. so yeah. bye good night.


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