back on top 25 :)


Just a quick post. i just feel that its quite important to log this one here. its been a long time since I havent checked my scriptlance ranking. I always just thought that I was in top 40-50 which is Ok. I was surprised today when I check that im on top 24 and it feels good. Before ive been in the top 25 but was moved to near to top 100 because scriptlance had changed their computation for ranking. Thanks to all my clients who gave nice feedback and entrusting their project in my hands, for my pending projects please hang on guys, im sure I can deliver a good work for you, sometimes i really just takes time to finish it.


9 thoughts on “back on top 25 :)

  1. Cookies

    hehehe sabay2x rata pirmi mag bid, naa pud taga davao sa SL c eaglehorn, more power sa mga dabawenyo, ako pang g setup akong wordpress para naa pud koy blog, kaila nimo c christian cuan? kauban nako karon work, uberwebs gud.. hehehe

  2. andhotbot

    ahh hehe.. Si eaglehorn kay kaila nako na, taga USEP pud, lower year sa akoa.

    c Christian kay kaila pud nako. higher year sa akoa sa USEP.
    kana noon si Christian mao jud na akong idol…

    Maau kay dghan na ta sa SL, kasagaran mga ukrainian, indian man gud ug ang gadominate
    sa site.

  3. Cookies

    hehe lagi, buhi2x lng gud sa pagka freelance, c christian kauban nako na karon, css guru namo na, maau kaau c christian.. hahaha cge bai.. ayo2x 😉 God Bless!!


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