tempus fugit

– a Latin expression meaning “time flees”.

So what's with the latin stuff? nothing I just tried a dramatic sounding title afterall this post is for my birthday. Yes, an increment again to my age. I celebrated it last april 30. Or not really a celebration because there was nothing special on that day except my mom bought A lechon manok, and A liempo and I treated them with ice cream(was it ube?) Ok it is special to me I was just joking ya' dig. So it was lunch time when we had this and it was ok, a mediocre one I should say.

Ok so later on that day I went to shat at obrero and waited a little for my friend domar to arrive from work. So from there, we shat at “wapak”, a shatinganan with videoke machine and it was cool. It was one on one from there and moments later morn(another good friend) arrived. I was thankful, had this guy not arrived I dont know if can stand up with few more glassful of the powerful red horse beer(darn, one on one shating sucks!). Then some friends/acquaintances arrived one by one. Sandi, Jade, Blandz, Ryan Sayson, Semic. Thanks for being their guys. For those who didnt make it, its ok guys I wont come to your birthday too! LOL! i was joking!

Then, I felt that I had enough beers and I felt a little tipsy so I decided to order last bottle and then we ate lomi and it was cool. Then we decided to go to a sossy(it really was! darn!) bar at rizal st. named “Someplace Else”(did i remember it right?). So arriving there, we ordered the shisha(a smoke flavored with fruits,coffee etc.) This time I took some and It didnt felt good for me. Maybe it because I already quit smoking(it had been a month since I smoked last and I will just be an occasional smoker). I didnt drink beer anymore from here. I just felt i had enough so I just consulted the guys if they want to drink more. Then we decided to call it a day since a little time was left before the labor day comes. Oh I forgot to mention, Sir cagape also came at the Shisha bar. thanx for making it there Sir!.

So off we went and came home. Arriving home I realized, darn im 23 and time is happening very fast. At this rate, I may not notice that my hair would be turning gray. Nevertheless im just thankful that the Lord allowed me to live for another year. I hope he will grant me more years. Thanx Lord!

off-topic: coming on my next post is my review on the movie “stardust” (which by the way is a great movie, for me its just a little off for a perfect 10)


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