My.Movie.Review: Horton Hears a who

Today examining my head for some things to ponder, I bumped up on this idea about movies. Then I realized I am becoming a movie junkie. Im always watching movies every time I have some spare time. So I decided to share this part of my life here in my blog, since if you had notice this blog is about my life, music and of course the web where this one obvioulsy resides.


So to start, I picked the movie I watched recently(just yesterday). The movie is entitled “Horton Hears a who”. Also, i don’t want to put on record where I get my movies since I already have a few hundreds burned in 5s in 4.7g dvds and I don’t want to be labeled anything(say pirate as an example). But just to give you a clue I just visit the site or and downloaded Utorrent so from them you can obviously have a solid guess. And also, I do not watch cams or telesyncs. I prefer DVDRips, specially from aXXo. Take note I didn’t mention I downloaded anything!ok for my review, the movie is quite entertaining for me. Storyline is kinda fair, nothing extraordinary though. In fact, the story seems a realization of what I occasionally(specially on my childhood days) think about life. The story is about an eccentric elephant in a jungle. He is portrayed as a kind hearted evident when a character quoted as “Horton can’t even hurt a fly”. It indeed was reflected as the story goes. Horton found a minute speck(imagine single grain of fine sand) floating in the air which he just noticed when it passed in his huge ears claiming that he heard something. And because of his out-of-this-world type thinking he speculated that in that tiny spec there is a person needing his help and is endagered if he will not protect it. It appears he was right. He got the spec took cared of it and found a way to communicate with it. He was surprised that inside the spec was an earth like ours. It was called Whoville(i really dont know the spelling sorry). He first befriended the mayor and the latter requested him to find a safe spot for the spec or Whoville will be doomed. But taking it to a safe spot want that easy Horton defended it from the other jungle animals who wants to destroy it just to prove that there aren’t any living things in a spec. Horton went thru a whole lot of adventures after finally resting it on a sunflower inside a cave on the top ofĂ‚ peaceful mountain. And then the movies moral story was “A person, No Matter how small, is still a person” or something like that. it was reiterated on some scenes in the movie. And oh just to mention, I almost forgot, this movie is purely computer animation and features Jim Carrey’s voice as Hortion.
And for my rating I give this movie a 6.5 for me. Its really cool but I guess not that really interesting compared to some cgis ive watched like say finding Nemo or sharks tale.

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