money, lets see

This is just another crap post that I am certain will lead and express nothing. By now, I am already thinking that the result of this will be just like reading an article on a magazine's back issue when its almost past your bedtime and your eyes are very weary and are very excited to close. Yes guess you are right. Time to press that X mark on your browser and stop reading this sensless post.

Ok so for you who neglected my instruction and continued to read upto here. I kinda pity you for not following my early warning and at the same time kinda wonder why you are interested to read a crap this far. Maybe just another boring day ei? Ok whatever it is, I will have no reason knowing it. Quite obvious.So what is this post about? why did chose that for a title? Sounds like crap. just a head up. this is not about business or money making schemes and the likes. Infact this will be a total far far out if you expected that to be the main subject.

This is about money. Yes the money. That money, their money and the money everyone is talking about and dying to get a hold of. I just kinda wonder or think that today this seems the most important thing in life. Am I right? or I am very very wrong. Lets be honest hypocrites. Me?, on the eyes of some folks who can't ride with my out of this world humor(too bad i'm a bad comedian), they are labeling me guilty of this. Well I cant blame them, I sometimes joke to them about going to the moon and back(using some money that I have to pay) on a serious tone. But really for me, the love of money is like a disease. It will slowly kill you one way or another. Of course im not talking about business man and the rich. It just so happen that what they do or what they're good at brings them a lot of money. But you wouldn't want to believe me in this aspects I have no formal education or whatsoever so how will I know.

Anyways, my point in writing is this. I have seen or known some people who talks as if they will persecute if you have money or savings. They tend to imply to you something like “hey don't live with money or stop trying to be rich and blah blah” or say things that you know are untrue and in someway offensive(ok i know you we're joking when you said it). I dont know if this people are just crabs or simply a plain hate that everything you do whether positive or negative will earn criticisms from them. I really cant stand these guys who often look at themselves superior over the others in almost every aspect. And yes that money is just one aspect which these A**holes are so fond of.
ok so now, back quickly to the main topic. I wanna dissect why these guys seem to want money more than anything. It would be stupid to think that they want it just to save or keep for the rainy days when all you can hear from them is “hey lets have fun and stop trying to be rich in your couch”. Now I am wrong, it seems money is not their master. So what is it? I guess the fun times and enjoyment which you can achieve ONLY if you have this certain amount. Ok so I think I cant elaborate and explain and cite examples more further because I am really a lousy writer(which has terrible grammar). The message I am trying to get across is the guys who claims they aren't enslaved by money by all means,ironically are the number one goers or spenders on things we can label as not necessary and a luxury(ouch!, Did I just diss myself about me buying a car, Maybe its my alter ego).

The bottom line here is that one should not mock another person just because he is working hard for a living. If he has certain things which he earned out of hardwork then just don't mind it. If one looks so happy because he earned something out of working very hard then do not call him names. One might label someone as proud, boastful and some other inappropriate insults without looking at theirselves. One can easily call someone “rich”(in a mocking tone), without reflecting or asking theirselves questions like, “Why the hell do I look more rich than this guy?(Ans. Its because you always cared about dressing like a rich)”. “Why do I always think on relaxing and having fun than this guy when logically the rich ones should do that? Ans. Its because you always want to do/act what the rich/elite guys does!“. “Why the hell do I know/acquainted to more places only known supposedly to rich than this guy? Ans. You keep researching where the rich ones hangout hoping you can join them“. “Why the hell do I (front)act more with manners and decently than this guy? Ans. Its because you always pretend to act like the rich and educated” And the questioning goes on. Just read some cool psychology books and you're good to go. So for you, if you think you are one of those A**holes with a hidden attachment to richness(money) and yet bashing and charging someone as enslaved of money. Well then think again! Try to evaluate your life and maybe change if you think it will better. But if you think the other way, i really don't care and I know you can't throw insults to personally. Because you are more of a back-biter(Person who loves talking as soon as someone turns his back).

P.S. just pretend that you haven't read this and I haven't written this one and this post doesn't exist. It will be good for all of us.


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