@southpark (bing is the man)

Last Sunday, Feb 24. We hang out on Southpark store. An establishment co-owned by a colleague and a fellow programmer back on my Dak-sol days.

Their original plan was to organize a non-formal gathering for the guys working under daks before. Actually I was invited second hand. My friend Airon invited me first and had the confirmation from sir Bernard. And so I was kinda excited to once again join with the guys I before spent late night laughters and moments of mind bugging programming tasks. Though almost all of us didnt make it, actually it was just Airon and Me which came, we all had a great time. It was also great that two of our friends coincidentally passed by and so they joined us. And thus the fun multiplied.

I personally would like to thank BIng(your the man) for letting us hang out there. Im quite updated again with the happenings of the gang back then, thanks for sharing BIng!

Here are some of the pics. which seems very blurry. Blame it on my Cellphone which has low quality flash.

1.jpg (Left to Right) Bing, Domar, Airon, Blandz
4.jpg Airon laughing his hearts out
3.jpg And of course I managed to salvage a photo of me. (thanx to Airon)

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