this blog earned $50 (unexpectedly)

After a year of blogging(at least thats what they call it) with no SEOing, few blog mates, no ad targeted posts and the likes, this blog surprisingly earned $50. I know its just a small amount compared to what the other guys earn on blogging, but the thing is I never envisioned this blog to earn even a cent. I didnt even bother to put any pay per click advertisements. This happening is really unexpected though I would say it really is not impossible. I'm just glad someone noticed and even paid for a spot in my posts.

So how did this blog earn without any advertisements? Honestly I really have no idea. Picture this. A guy emailed me that he wants to put text links on my posts costing $10 per paragraph. He wanted to put 5 of them. Then i was like “of course, certainly!”. So he sent me the paragraphs and I posted them on the pages that he chosed. Then after he verified the paragraphs was on and he was happy with it. He sent it thru western union. So i have the $50 here and maybe i will buy something that would make me remember about how my writings(though i admit I suck at this department) earn a little amount.

With this, I am a little bit encourage to blog more and maybe try to learn the techniques in making money thru blogging. Well, I am a frustrated writer so why not try to venture on this one and we'll see. And oh, maybe I should take english writing tutorials. Just kidding. By the way dont be surprised if I will put pay per click advertisements on my blog. It will be a sign that im starting to take earning thru blogging seriously.

So to all the guys out there who loves to write and probably has better english than me, Dont hesitate to blog. If you dont know how to setup one. just contact me and I will certainly love to help you.



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