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Last week, we decided to buy a car, just a 2nd hand one, so we searched for an economical and not so classy car. In other words, just a simple one. The only requirement is as long as it is in running condition. So the other day, we have found one that suit our needs. Fortunately, when we brought an expert mechanic(our neighbor Edwin) which is a friend of my father to check the car he said it is in good condition and just having some minor glitches which were very manageable. So upon the recommendation of Edwin we bought it immediately. And because of the holidays(24&25), we need to wait 2 days so can withdraw money from the bank. Darn, the then owner doesnt accept anything but spot cash. phew. So it was yesterday that the car was officially signed off and is now sitting on our garage.

By the looks of it, we were all really happy. Me, I am glad to have it and probably drive it in the next few weeks when I can learn the art of driving. For the meantime, my father will be driving it because he's the only one who knew how to drive in our family.

This car is really a great addition to my family eventhough we already had a “sakbayan”(looks like a box type volkswagen) which my Tita Wen bought from my uncle for my brother Andre's transportation. Lookwise, this has to be a little more classy.

These past few months I would say that the Lord had been giving me so much blessings and I would like to really thank Him for it. I would take no credit of all these earthly possessions because i know that these are all God-given. Without him there'll be no way I could've buy anything even a pair of shoes. Like this month, a bigger project was awarded to me by a client. I know that project was tough, but with the help of Lord no problems that could not be solved, no algorithms that could not be traced, no bugs that could not be fixed, no application could be renedered useless. At this stage of my life i dont say that i am successful or that I have reached certain status or am still a failure on some aspects, I always keep in mind that those things you hear from them(people) are just mere labels of human standards. But the words that I always long to hear or that matters are the words on how the Lord God will evaluate the life I have lived. Upto this day, im still searching and waiting for the right path that He really wants me to take. I can sense that he has plans for me but i'll just wait. Anyways, im trying to sound like a preacher here but it doesn't hurt sharing my faith in a minute or two right?

So back to that Car, why did I buy it? I think its because of the fact that I need it and mostly because I can already afford it. Its not like I spend all or a great sum of my savings just to buy this one so I think this is a smart buy. or maybe i would like to buy myself a present this christmas(I can't remember when was the time I was given a gift at christmas, so I have to do it myself) after a whole year of hardwork, struggles and late night coding routines.

This moment, sitting here infront of my laptop and thinking about that car, it brings a good amount of smile in my face. At this age i am proud to say that the Lord had not forgotten me afterall the years of waiting(i really had a hard time on those years Lord, I know you knew it!) for his blessings. I had bought things personally out of my hardwork, dedication, God-given skill and most importantly my faith. If some mock the “faith healers”, then you would've also have to mock me because I feel I am a “faith programmer”.

Exactly 2 years before, when I was still at USEP… Marco Thrasher, “Lago2x”, a degenerate individual in the purest sense(but I would like to thank also for those guys back there who thought that I was sort of a genius at programming when im not), now I've change. Changed to worse(“Lago2” to the nth power). Kidding. Anyways, i can still remember a friend and I always kidding and saying to each other when we can see a dazzling car “Sus tol, ultimo knot sa ligid ana di jud ta kapalit ba, maski pa magipon tag isa ka tuig”(Trans: “nah bro, even the knot on its wheels still we cannot afford, no matter if we will save for 1 year”). Which was really true back then. Now looking back, All I can say is “Damn! The Lord must've trusted me that much that he pushed me to the extreme limits because he knows I can handle and live by it”

Also here are some photos:
PS: these photos were not photoshopped to appear being parked in our garage just like you said when accusing me of photoshopping my face to look good in my avatar. Nyahaha! FYI i dont do photoshopping in any of my personal shots. I can accept the fact that Ive got a distorted face, can you accept your reality? If your doing it then dont apply it to me.May God Bless you so that you can stop your job of being a hater. And you know who you are.. Peace.





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  1. roly

    congrats on the purchase of a car. i think you deserve it. you have worked hard all this years learning programming, then applying what you have learned to earn some money. It is a smart decision not to choose something too flashy and expensive and too luxurious. The key factor with a car is safety and reliability. Long term dependability (just for the next few years) which is certain if parts are available.

    For the model you picked, parts are plentiful. And if you ever run into serious malfunctions (God forbid) and no mechanic around can give you a clear explanation and solution of what is wrong. . . . the mechanic who works on my pick-up truck, Willy Espina can help you out. He is not so cheap, but somehow reasonable. He hAs always been honest and straightforward with me and worked for a long time with Car asia, the company that sold the lancers and other mitsubishi models. His diagnosis also were always accurate.

    If you ever need to see him, (though I hope you don’t because you have a neighbor who also know about cars,) he hangs around Ardem Car parts across San Pedro College.

    I’m touched about your sharing about not really owning whatever financial resources that has come your way. This is the right attitude and this is even Biblical. This is the principle of stewardship and is all about just being entrusted with resources. The responsibility then is the usage to which these resources are put into.

    anyway, with the things you said in relation to the purchase of the car, and the Blessings that came your way, I say IM TRULY PROUD OF YOU. i’M GLAD TO HAVE A NEPHEW LIKE YOU.

    It might interest you to know that no one in the family has ever bought a car out of his own earnings at your age for the last 100 years. Some lucky cousins (uncles or aunties to you) got cars at about your age but these were paid by parents who saved for years.

    I was 29 when I bought my first VW (the blue bug). Your cousin Sham drives a company owned vehicle, not her own and she is much older than you. The other IT experts (your cousin Jan-jan who works for a software dev. co. in Cebu, is still saving for a car, and Dindin who is now a Professor in UP uses the Revo bought by your uncle Danny.

    What you have accomplished is an absolute FIRST IN THE FAMILY FOR THE LAST 2 GENERATIONS. aGAIN, CONGRATULATIONS.

  2. roly

    HI, AGAIN:

    Since you are the IT expert, why doesn’t the time that comes after the date in my comment not the same as the time in my laptop?

    and since I am both an English Major and a struggling mechanic a little correction is in order:
    nuts and bolts refer to mechanical things while “knots” refer to the things the boy scouts do with strings and ropes, and sailors do with ropes and cables.

    minor things really but it is good to improve on the little things. i know a hundred kids who speak and write flawless english but couldn’t even buy a bike.

    i also happened to have a driving manual in pdf format in my hardrive but i’m not sure if the file size could be sent by email. it helps you to learn the driving theory much faster (something that the local driving schools don’t emphasize) and saves you time because you only have to do the practical when you actually drive.

    maybe we could meet downtown for cofee and we transfer the files to your lap top if you are interested. let me know.

  3. andhotbot

    Hi Uncle,

    thanx for dropping by.

    yeah for sure i will need to see that guy(Willy) some time in the future.

    Now im a lot more proud of myself considering that you’re proud of me.
    that surely means a lot.

    and oh thanx for the little trivia there. hmmm 100 years seems long and I was the first.
    could it be that im the only one stupid enough to buy a car at this age for the last 100 years. :_). kidding.

    kudos to my cousins.


    about the time sync.

    this site doesnt really match the local time here in the Philippines (though i can code it. eck! ) its because this is hosted abroad (uzbekistan i think). And i think they set it to US time as that is where the majority of web traffic is.

    And hehehe, yes i really am stupid at english(How the hell did I pass english 101).
    thanx for the correction uncle.

    Also that PDF manual interests me. It will be good to know such theory behind driving.
    And yes one of these days we can meet downtown and sitdown for a coffee (i’ll opt for milk though, hehe).

  4. roly

    wow: interesting perspective presented as a joke about the probability that you are the only one stupid enough to buy a car on your own for the last one hundred years. Here’s some more trivia for you to think about. My grandfather Lolo Momoy (Filemon Ancajas) got a kabayong mula (thoroughbred horse) when he went to Colegio in Ciudad de Cebu 105 kilometers from hometown Bogo. This is the equivalent of a sportscar in our time. His sisters Lola Tekang and Lola Susay (you can laugh at the names, this was a different time) Vicentica and Jesusa when they were colegialas (this is the term for the college girls then) got a “calesa” drawn by double kabayong mula’s with matching kotsero. This is the equivalent of a chauffeur driven limousine nowadays. The kotsero took care of the three horses, feed and bathed them, clean the carriage and drove the girls to and from school and wherever they want to go.

    It turned out that only Lola Tekang got around to becoming a professional (public school teacher). Lolo momoy, may he rest in peace, mastered fencing and arnis de mano, and became a billiard champion instead.

    they definitely had a better start than us, they did not have to buy their own . . . like we did.

    our family had a very interesting beginning, looks like the stuff that movies are made of, and that is only a sample. will share more with you when we have the time.

    incidentally, when are you free? you can always text me about the milk and the cofee. Basti’s Brew at Victoria’s is a good place and we get free Wi-fi while enjoying the milk and the cofee

    My cellphone number is 09189288637.

    The driving manual also contains instructions about international driving rules and defensive driving, and appeals to people who love to explore things on their own and likes to learn at their own pace.

    hav a great day while you write your codes.

  5. domar

    tol!cenxa karon lng q nka.visit sa imng site..saon man gud,,,way igong panahon…cenxa na jud kaau tol!by the way monn…congratz sa new ride..unta mka.saky q ana..hehehe!GOD BLESS tol..amping lng pirmi…suroy pud panagsa if naa mi gig….


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