RIP Steve Apple

OK. so woke up. Got a message from guia and that she woke up early and cant sleep and is trying to sleep. But received that some 1 hour later so i figured she slept already. Sent a reply and told her i love her and miss her. yeah we do that often and you have no idea. 🙂

So then logged in on gmail and saw some notifications from facebook that steve jobs yes mr. apple died. The genius. Arguably the most influential computer tech innovator of our time or perhaps of all time. That news didn't kinda shocked me considering i know the state of his health and what he's gone thru having that sick pancreatic thing going on and his being a fruitarian and recent resignation from apple as CEO. So it was all like expected but really his death made me feel like buying a macbook? like a sympathy to apple and steve. I mean this guy is the father of personal computer (yes! not bill gates). I might just buy a macbook one of these days just to show my respect and perhaps get a little taste of what i foresee as the last sensible and quality apple products that there will ever be. i mean c'mon, who designs better than steve jobs?? you could make an argument for it but the guys is a tech genius Online Casino evident by what? sales here and there and we all know how apple is associated with the who's who of IT in your neighborhood. Once you have apple we know you are up to something and we know you are techie of course i am not talking about the socialite's gadget like ipod,ipad im inclined to computing so i am referring to the macbrook pros, iMac and maybe even iphone because of it being app driven and power but not big into phone stuffs yeah maybe just the macbooks and imacs. So yeah, rest in peace steve. i can see like tons of my friends posting about you so it's like the whole world is sending you a rest in peace sendoff but i know you'll be resting in peace if you can just pass your abilities to me one day or decide to take over my soul( kidding! no man, God will punish you). So anyways, that's your story and i am listening at the moment to your speech at stanford, the graduation thingy and i know i could use it and have it impact my life so yeah. thanks steve!

OK, so i dont feel like crying coz i got a PSD from Matt and slicng it into a joomla template and With God's help i should have no problem with it.


till next time! RIP Steve.


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