Packing Sheet performs "Marco!"

A Close friend's band had its Gig last friday(Dec. 14, 2008) at Cogot Resto Bar(near The Venue). From the video I had seen(thanx to Julie for sharing the video), it looks like they were really having fun. Sadly I couldn't be there because I have to attend to some prior commitments. I obviously regretted not joining that gig though. sigh!.

Please do check them out and listen to some crazy ska stuffs here( specially the “Marco!” track at 9:28 mark ).

Lead Vocals – Jomar
Lead Guitars – Francis
Bass – J.R.
Lead Guitars/Rhytms – Morn
Drummer – Domar

They named their band as “Packing Sheet” which when mistakenly heard sounds like “Fucking Sheet” (Cool name guys, hope you wont switch it to “SKAffoldings”). This bands influence is very vast and diverse. From emo, alternative, ska, reggae, 90's rock, punk, bisrock and the long list goes on. Personally I can label them as punk/ska but that doesnt really matter. Without the label, there is only one word I can describe their style “Fun”. I can see that the guys are just having fun which really has a big effect on their songs. Oviously there are more bands more refined and skillfull than them but when it comes to the level of enjoyment and fun they surely are on the top of my list. I might sound bias here as Morn who alternates on Lead and Rhytms is a very close friend.

Also one thing, all the credits goes to Morn for such a great composer and a really good(true) friend. I wanna thank this guy for writing the song “Marco!”(see it on the video starting on the 9:28 mark). It was back then when we were both at USEP( though different colleges) that we became good friends. Having many common denominators such as “happy go lucky” and the “i dont care” attitudes, loves to get drunk all the way to home, criticizes social/elites, dresses in weird fashion, but the most important is we are both good guys( i couldn't swear for my part though).

About the song, in my opinion, he based it on my struggle on the later part of my college life. Despite both of us being hindered to function properly by poverty, still managed to make enjoyable memories out of it. The song depicts my experiences on coping up with the hardships at school. He states in the song about me having this PhP20(about $0.40) bill to be spent for the whole day. PhP12 goes to transportation and PhP5 goes to lunch and PhP3 goes to a couple of smoke. Dont think that our city has a very low cost of living, I just dont have a choice that time. hehe. Also it tackles about my funny way of dressing. Ultra low waist beltline, worn-out shoes( the effect of skateboard griptapes), and a very dirty pants(darn I cant afford that PhP5 detergent bar), and the tshirts that still looks good from ukay2(Baratillo sa recto), bought during Christmas seasons when I have saved enough(PhP50-150).

Damn! Looking back in the past, I cant believe that I manage it all. Hearing this song, I wanna grow my hair long again, loose 10pounds, pierce back my lip, brow, and plug those o-rings in my earlobe, plague my arm with tatoo, wear those DIY stuffs, necklaces, and wrist straps. Damn I cant believe how much I have changed. Shouldn't have bought those new shirts and dreamed to be with the ranks of the “Somebodies” when in fact I am just a “Nobody”.

Composed by: Morn
Performed by: Packing Sheet

Ga Eskwela, Lago2 ang agi
Sulod nga sa bulsa niya baynti
Pamasahe Back N Forth niya dosi
otso, iyang paniudto rice with sabaw
Pantalon ni Marco galawlaw(3x), galasgaw.

Batang Mindanao, Laki sa Davao
Pantalon lawlaw, nawong hugaw
Gin pomelo (3x), Pisik(4x)

Usahay di na sya maniudto
Solbad na gasuyop ug sigarilyo
Gashating pirmi ang cheap-in kinse
singko ang pamasahe pa belisario,

Repeat Chorus

Ga skate mi disi-says ang kwarta
Manihapon Malativas tirada
Ang order bale dyees nga rice
Bale sais pakapin sabaw(3x)
Pantalon ni Marco galawlaw(3x)

Repeat Chorus

Karon niasenso (si Marco)
Di na moshat og Gin Pomelo
ang hard echapwera ang beer
(waiter kanang bugnaw ha? Paki Chop pd sa ice para hamluy jud)
Itagay na!

The 4th stanza is just patly true. Though I have a lil money now, I would still love to drink
hard liquor yet I will be easily get drunk and knocked down. Thats the reason why I always opt for redhorse beer.


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