a helpful Yahoo IM Bug

Being online most of the time everyday, I never fail to login in my yahoo IM. It is like having your cellphone always turned on waiting for some good news. Thus this IM. I should say is part of my day to day life.

Though I find this IM almost perfect it still has minor glitches, most of which I think was fixed everytime they upgrade it to a higher version. Currently I am using Yahoo . Some of the bugs I could remember was you will appear offline to your friends though you have set your status to available. This brought me real problem at work before since my employer would think that I am not working since I am offline in yahoo. Another is that when you are hiding( setting status to invisible ) because you do not want to talk or is very busy at that point in time. The bug occurs when you will experience a fluctuation of your connection. When the messengers tries to login again ( which it does by default ) automatically you will lose your invisible status and thus your cloaking purpose will be vague at this point in time. You cant just turn invi again on your contacts or that will be a questionable move. Though currently, i do think these bugs are all fixed in version 8 and above.

Theres still a bug on v8 thats worth mentioning. Though I would think that the yahoo guys do not consider this one as a bug but rather as a “secret move”(LOL, i dunno what to call it, so I relate it to video games). Actually I didnt know this one until my friend Airon(airfreegeo in YIM) told me about this cool technique to actually see how you appear to your friends/contacts. This is a brilliant move on my friends part. he is making sure he is appearing online, not idle, etc. to his clients. He told me in order to do this you will need to add yourself in your contact and I was like “Why the hell didnt I think of that?”. I remembered before im having trouble getting a clickable status to work because I cant see how it displays to my contacts. So what I do back then is asking a reliable friend whether the status is readable or not. If I have just known this technique before that will not be a problem at all. Also this seems helpful if your experimenting on your Display Image and you want to know wheter it is distorted on your contacts end or not. So in this cases, I would say this bug is helpful.

Though if you really think of it. In reality not all bugs are harmful. Though im not sure as there is only one bug I can remember, its the red-orange spotted one called the ladybug. To the yahoo guys, just leave this bug alone. It comes useful to those who need it Like RON and ME.

BTW, heres the screencap of how it looks.




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