AcQUAintance party

How many acquaintance parties that I remebered attending. hmm. I guess I was there all the times when I was in IC. Well I was just there coz I got no choice at all, you know like finding a spot to delay going home and not being trapped again in the four corners of my room with my laptop and staying online all day (quite boring. eih). Anyways, as far I can recall. “Marco” being a KJ kinda guy, never participates in activities. I believe all of my batch mates have at least set foot on stage and did something whether hilarious or serious, But me( well, i could be accounted for the best audience. 🙂 ), not once or even just nearly doing it. Obviously there is something wrong with me, yes I am the super duper king of all introverts. Anyways let me just focus on the stupid things I did that night.

4:30pm I arrived at school and looked for some buddies. When I arrived, I saw some familiar faces yet they didnt know me( poor me, I am unknown ). Then I asked and found out that the program was starting and I was like “wtf, this cant be true”(way exaggerating). So I opted to not to enter social hall yet, then I saw an old pal. “bordigs” with his cohorts, and offered a shoting session and they claimed to have an herb. Well I thought this'll be cool but then I saw morn, a cool buddy, so we I went with morns gang anyways and then proceeded to pacific( a stores name ) and drunk a devil-like liquor knowns as “mistisa”( a mixture of brandy,beer plus a lil cola ). Well I felt a bit groggy. Afterwards we went separate ways and I went to social hall to claim the food that I thought I had paid during enrollment. I even went into an argument with the officer claiming that I did pay(But later on I found out I didnt). SORRY! I promise to pay it as soon as I see you miss officer so no worries. So, the food was great and I kinda ate a lot to lessen the effects of the alcohol slowly getting into my head. I was joined by friends domar and sandy(which said got an LBM coz of that food ). Then after eating we watched a sort of fashion-beauty contest. Starring first year. I can smell fresh blood… ( LOL, I am kidding ). They all look pretty to me. Some stands out over the others though. But its just according to my standards anyways. So after the event was over, some CS students who are friends of my friends, invited to go to autoshop and drink. I kinda hesitated at first but cant resist the red horse calling my name. To end it all, we finished nearly 3am and I went home still feeling the liquors effect on my head. And yes, YES, I do live a boring life. thanx. 🙂

P.S. please do not take this seriously. I was just practicing narrative writing. next thing I will try to write a story( for a change )


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